October 6, 2007


My son, Philip, used to ski down a steep hill called "awful-awful', according to one of my diaries written when he was a teenager. Another meaning is that my busy work schedule has been "awful-awful' and that has kept me away from my favorite resting place here on the web.

Within the next two weeks my sister, Sandy, and her husband will be visiting with Sheba's favorite "dog-cousin", Star! We are so looking forward to the two-day stop during their tour through the magnificent Midwest in the fall of the year! It's the first time for them to take this type of long-anticipated vacation.

That same week, we are 'moving'!!!! I don't want our place to look like it's all packed up when they're here, so I'm trying to pack up the closets and unseen places in my spare time.

Progress on my next book, "The Laughing Place" has been slow but should pick up after we are settled in.

Don't give up on me. Come back here and sit for a spell while we watch the golden glow form on the trees and prepare for the long chill of winter.
Take Care on the Journey,

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The Cat's Meow said...

We're leaving around 5AM in the morning!!! Hope to be at Lind's early afternoon friday. Please feel free to pack away!!! You said its going be COLD, so we'll just hang out at my place. I got you a Godiva hot chocolate. Call me anytime you want on my cell.