October 11, 2007

First Frost - Memories in Photos

Sandy, Craig and Star are in Sweetwater, TN tonight on the first leg of the Midwest/Visit Linda vacation! They had a 12-hour driving day and a breath-taking tour of the “Blue Ridge Mountains”. They are appreciative of Sandy's careful planning as they pull out the coats, mittens and wool scarf’s. The temperature is dropping with each mile after crossing the Georgia line!

The forecast here is for the first FROST on Saturday morning when they wake up here in Columbus, Ohio. If it’s going to get that cold, it could throw a few flurries around so Sandy can say it snowed while they were here!

No one asked, but I still intend to post the “Flight Across America” story. I had happily anticipated writing it tonight, but just got called into work for a 2-hour shift. What a bummer. The prevailing thought is that they will remember my positive attitude when I need a favor sometime.

Packing is very slow. Writing is slower. Wish I had a van full of good helpers! At least we wont' be moving in 20 below zero weather! On October 17, I DON'T THINK SO!

Does anyone have thoughts on how to get all my birds from the bird feeders over to the new place about two football fields away? I 've thought of putting a trail of corn from the old place across the parking lot, along the pond and around the building to our back door. Think that would work? Or, should I worry? Enjoy the rest of the photos from http://www.flickr.com/

Take Care on the Journey,

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