October 25, 2007

Bye-Bye Treehouse!

How many stories will I write about this transition from tree-house to ground level living? After five moving days, we finally said good-bye to the second story, 19-steps up, balcony tree-house we've occupied for a little over two years. (Or, was it almost two years?)

At times, I thought the good outweighed the bad, and I didn't want to get out of our comfort zone, but "bad knees and bad backs" won out, and we have cheered the final digress to our new home.

Now I'm covered with little bruises from carrying various sizes of boxes and surrounded so many bozes that Sheba can't find a spot to lie at my feet! I ache from the tips of my toes upward! But, we've made good progress in that we are eating in our own kitchen again and can find the bathroom at night without stubbing our toes on the dozens of framed pictures that line the hallway. (Sunday is declared picture-hanging day.)

But, calendars are not where the eyes is trained to look, and only one clock hangs on the living room wall, so most of the time I'm not sure where I am in space! My little bedside clock is safe under my pillow so at least I can reach for it and press the time button when I'm suppose to be sleeping but can't seem to adjust to the new shadows in the darkness. I've been dreaming a lot and I'm sure every one who reads this posting has been in my dreams at least once - plus a few people I've never met before!

On Monday night, the skies were clear and the air was just slightly cool. Sheba kept wanting to go outside and lie in the grass. Something she wasn't able to do much when we lived in the 'tree-house' and had no porch to sit and enjoy at ground level! I turned out the front porch light and realized that the stars were just overhead as I sat in a small lawn chair in the darkness and looked up! Pretty soon I ran inside and got hubby to come enjoy the evening stars with me!

Today I enjoyed setting up little things around the house. One task was to move the toilet paper holder from one wall to the other in my bathroom. That was so I could put a little toiletry stand between the wall the toilet since there's a bigger space than usual there. If you ever visit and use that bathroom, there a tiny little message on the wall where you would normally reach for the TP. It says, "The TP holder is under the towel." Now you know.

So while Hillary Clinton is turning 60 and throwing a $1 million birthday party. And, forest fires are burning out of control in California. And the Dow experiences a huge fall. And crude oil rises to above $90 a barrel, we're looking for the flashlight and cell phone charger. At one point, we lost my car keys but I found them on the washing machine. We're back to earth and appreciate every step on even ground!

I still haven't forgotten about the Flight Across America story (and the UFO).

Here's a kitty hug for George, and supportive thoughts to my friend in Virginia who is helping a friend move too. Happy body slams to Star and Ringo (a little dog and a big cat). Congrats to Ginger who is a new foster mom! Thanks, Ann, for thinking of me.

Take Care on the Journey,

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