October 27, 2007

Safe Harbor

Last night I worked until 2 a.m. so had little time for sleep. But a dream was very real and continues to stay with me which is very unusual for most of us.

At least once a year I have a close encounter with someone I'll label RS. That person lives in the little town of Berrien Springs, Michigan and that person probably does not know I exist.

RS had a business that our family used quite extensively over the years. Maybe because this person was always available with this business, and my boys sometimes had to make the request of assistance at odd hours of the day and night, that my mind has associated this person with 'comfort". (This person is not God, nor is this person a doctor of any type. )

It's so odd that when I'm feeling a little too burdened with other people's problems that I have this "comforting" dream related to RS. First of all, Grandma Mascunana is usually involved as a middle person. (She doesn't know about the book, by the way, on the other side.) Secondly, whatever grief I'm feeling in this dream is replaced with complete peace by this person (RS).

Intensely Innocent. Pure satisfying joy. Complete acceptance. Security and unconditional love.

I wake up thankful for the replenishment of life and a freshness of spirit - and for the dream!

Lately, many special people in my life have caused me some worry and grief.

Silence on the Internet speaks volumes to me. As I take my little walk around my favorite websites every day or so, I do notice the lack of conversation there and wish I could make life easier for you. But unlike the dreamy proverbs of life, I can do nothing to change the course of your life. Just mine.
Today, I got a brief email at
lindasbook@usa.com today. She is sad and lonely and wonders if I had seen someone she loves. That person believes that I know who they are by their first name, but I don't have a clue.

There are so many that I DO know who are discouraged at this time. Someone close to my heart is going through a really (really!) discouraging time with the loss of a job. Someone else I know just got rejected for a job (again) and it has hit them very hard. Another heart-friend is going through the loss of a close companion. A special friend is going through especially challenging financial hardship. Another close family member feels very frustrated and discouraged and doesn't want to talk about it. A long-time friend feels depressed and alone (and doesn't want to talk about it). A new-found friend feels like they must show a strong face because she is a leader in life, but things are discouraging for her and she can't share this with anyone. Two special friends feel the loss of a special family pet. I wish I could change things to smiles for everyone!

This last week was busy with moving all our earthly belongings (that were not already in storage) from one spot to another. I can't help but wish I could open up a large building and make a home for all the homeless people in the city of Columbus. If you could see where these poor but courageous people live in the corners of empty lots and hidden in the brush beside the freeway as I have seen. We have enough "stuff" to create comfort for many homeless people. A refrigerator and stove take up paid space in storage. Boxes of blankets and clothing lie useless in the garage. Dishes, furniture, nic-naks! A lifetime of collections that we won't part with but can't use now! I'm trying to think of a way to make it happen!

Sheba finally has room to sleep at my feet, but my bedroom closet is filled almost to the ceiling with boxes that need to be unpacked. I'm tempted to take a before and after picture.

I hope your day is going toward the sun (rain or shine). My welcoming spirit comes from a safe harbor that I did not create, but I give thanks for it!

Take Care on the Journey,

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