October 17, 2007

Moving Day! Almost

This morning at 9:55 a.m. I picked up the keys to our 'new' place! I was singing a song I can't remember, and feeling lightheaded with joy. There's still all the 'moving' to do, and there's a whole lot NOT packed up yet. In fact, if you stopped by for a little visit, you might wonder if there was any moving going on at all. Part of the problem is that there is no place to put the boxes that are packed! I have a few under the little dining room table and in front of the windows, so all that hard work still is in the near future!

Sandy (my little sister) and her husband and little dog, Star, enjoyed a weekend with us. Their Midwest tour is going great! We savored our sisterly camaraderie and did an afternoon photo-shoot with Star! When we get settled, I'll post some cute pictures! As I write this, she should be arriving in Chattanooga, Tennessee. If you've read my book, "Dusty Angels", you might recall the story where we lived in a cave-like place near Wildwood, Ga. Where grandma held Sandy's head under the water at the back of the 'cave" in a fit of anger. Sandy is going to try and find what may be left of that place. We've been on Google looking at maps and hopefully, she will find closure at that spot. Sandy said the spring (water) might be all dried up, but I said maybe it is a beautiful flowing river by now.

Today some friends and I painted a few walls at our new place. This is the first time I've ever been able to add color before moving in! I selected light lavender for one bathroom and my big walk-in closet. Jim picked out an orange/brown just because he liked the color, so it's on one wall of HIS bathroom. It makes the walls glow like a sunset in there. Yep, he'll like that.

We have light tan paint for parts of the living/dining room. There's a very bright yellow above the counters in the (BIG) kitchen. (Instead of three cupboards, we have 12 in the kitchen!) And, for once in my life, I've taken a few days off from work to make the transition! Hello Maxim and K-Force. Did I hear the phone ringing? Naaaa. Don't think so.

Got lots more to do before bedtime on this happy day!

Take Care on the Journey,

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Bringer of Peace said...

Your move sounds like lots of work, Yes! Somehow though I also sense a release, a letting go of some 'past' that maybe has been holding you 'down' in some way.
I rejoice with you.
The colors sound super great.
By the time you read this you will probably be somewhere in the settlement process - hopefully a lot into it.
I'm SO glad you took time to do this. That in itself is freeing - not trying to cram two full time 'jobs' into the same space.
Be good. Maybe we might be able to come see you some time like you came to visit us. (THAT WAS LOVELY)
All the best to you.