November 8, 2007

My Autumn Song
With snow flurries making news around here, and a chill that drives to the bone, many have been talking about the weather.

I've had this poem in the making for several days. Thanks to hubby for his ideas - especially the furry creatures of the woods as they also make ready for winter soon to blow across the Midwest.

Sit back. Think of me sitting at my computer composing this for you.

My Autumn Song

Lock the windows. Stuff the cracks!
Old Man Winter is coming back!

In Sunny Florida and Texas too
There’s not much change. Nothing new!
But in the North and Great Midwest
We feel that we are truly blest.

Yellow and orange mixed with gold
Tells a secret of beauty to behold!.
Full moon peeks through a silky mist
Seeks the autumn winds to kiss.
Pairs of honking geese fly low
Preclude chill winds that often blow!

Scarfs and mittens – Soft as kittens
Hats and boots – Wool Winter suits!
Wind that blows through my hair
“Good Hair Day” – It doesn’t care!

Leaves that dance like dinner plates
Scoot across the road with little skates!
Or scamper by like busy mice.
Be sure to cover that sugar and spice!

Hot tea for all, and grandma’s shawl
Evenings spent watching football!
No springtime chirpers in the creek.
Dry grass crackles beneath my feet.
Open windows through the trees
Give us a peek across the creek.

Deep in the woods, rodents seek nest upkeep.
Shy fox yaps lonely in the wind
As she seeks to find yet another den.
Majestic buck displays his velvet rack and never sleeps.
Innately watchful. Waiting. His harem to defend!

Fields dusty with the first snow flurries
Bring thoughts of bigger winter worries
Bitter chill brings new ills and lots of pills
Soon we’ll see some winter spills.

Lock the windows. Stuff the cracks.
Old Man Winter is coming back.
We wouldn’t have it another way.
Snowfall brings fun and play!
Lacy designs on window pane.
Thanksgiving family on jet planes!
Soon Christmas bells and candy canes!

Autumn winds bring some change
In how we live in our domain.
Some think it is a ball and chain
With cold winds and snow again.
Bit here in the great Midwest
We truly feel that we are blest!
~ by Linda Meikle
November 8, 2007

Take Care on the Journey,


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