November 4, 2007

Still Hanging Pictures and Unpacking Boxes

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...Will it ever stop? The computer went out again. The dog got sick again. There's still boxes to unpack (but not very many) and pictures in the hallway waiting for me to select a good spot to hang them. We're slowly making progress.

They say it's suppose to spit snow a little tomorrow night. I'm still expecting some Indian summer! In the meantime, our "old fashion" clocks that were automatically set to move back last week have now 'caught up' with the NEW new time. Only if you have a clock that was off by one hour for the past week, do you know what I'm talking about. Suffice to say, perhaps we are all on the same time now.

Do any of my blogger friends know what I can't put paragraphs in my postings that are already posted? I went back to edit the first posting on my website and just can't get it to break up the paragraphs now.

I'll have a few days off this week (hopefully) and will be back to say more next time.

Take Care on the Journey,


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Clay Feet said...

If I key in on what problem you might be talking about, the way to force the paragraphs to separate is to put in a double "enter" between paragraphs. When editing blogger seems to act differently than copying from another document.
You could also just copy out everything from the post back into a document, edit it more and then post it back in overwriting the original blog making sure the date is set correctly.