December 16, 2007

FREE - On Craig's List

It’s late and I’m tired, but I thought I’d share a story that happened this evening. All was quiet. The dogs were sleeping next to the little drafts by the window and front door. Hubby was napping in his blue chair with the blanket over his face. I was slightly bored even though there was plenty of work I could be doing.

One thing on my list was to post some things on Craig’s List. Most importantly, FREE Christmas Decorations! We have six of the largest plastic containers full from “after Christmas” deals I couldn’t refuse over the years! Jim had to use the van to bring them all in from storage and back again when it was time to decorate, because livning in a much smaller place now, I only used a few things.

I also posted a second ad for FREE nursing books I won’t be using, and another for our nice Kenmore stove and refrigerator we have in storage.

Within two minutes my cell phone started ringing. One call on top of another! I quickly started writing phone numbers on a large box of gifts my sister sent us that was sitting on the table and within minutes the top of the box was covered with phone numbers. And, voice mail indicated I had many more messages there. (Later, checking my email, I had many messages there too!) All kinds of people requesting the free things.

It quickly became “first come, first served” and people were on their way with directions to meet at the mailbox because I didn’t want people knowing where we live. One man drove over 60 miles (RT) for ‘free Christmas decorations”.

Hubby was roused to go out in the bitter cold and hold my casted arm so I wouldn’t slip on the icy sidewalks. He had to pull out all the containers from the back of the garage and “be nice’ to everyone. (He was.)

The nursing books went to a young man named Philip who is a dispatcher for an ambulance company and wants to become a RN. (People are still calling for those books.)

I’ve deleted those two ads, but still posting for our electric stove and matching refrigerator. Only one call on those so far, but it’s a steal for $750.

Anyway, a surefire way to light up an evening is to post something FREE on Craig’s list!

Take Care on the Journey,

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