December 13, 2007

More Red, Please

I’m celebrating the holiday with a little more RED than anticipated. While my hand doesn’t need corrective surgery, the thumb has to be immobile for at least a month. No more cheating by taking off the brace to straighten out the curls or type with two hands on the computer. (Have no fear, I’ll figure out a way!)

The biggest challenge was totally unexpected. When the cast was being pressed and molded, the suffocation of claustrophobia hit me with a vengeance. It started with the little question, “What if I get an itch and can’t scratch it?” and that quickly became a full-grown monster. “You’re encased in a tomb!”

I’m using the mind games I invented for flying to get over it. Can you believe that?

I had such a nice posting almost ready to post and suddenly it was gone. Typing with an excess of 20 fingers on one hand, I figure I must have hit the keys in a magical sort of way to delete my almost perfect story!!!! Now, it’s impossible to bring it all back. Besides my right hand has this urge to just KONK the keys.

Sheba went to her new vet today to get her eyes checked. The wonderful lady talked with me for over an hour. (Her staff started opening and closing the door as a hint.) She says there are no cataracts. (We didn’t think so.) She thinks it is SARDS. (Click for info).

We already know Sheba has Cushing’s and perhaps about a year to live if we don’t treat that. But with the cost of treating a blind dog a couple thousand dollars and weekly visits to the vet which upsets her so badly that she pees on the table, we’re respecting Sheba’s request to just keep her comfortable and spoiled the rest of her faithful, loving life.

That’s the update on all the medical news from here. I got the biggest packages out today and making good progress on all the rest. Soon I’ll be curled up with that book and this time I have a good weapon if anybody tries to distract me.

By the way, I didn't have the patience for reading, “Little Women”, but “One More Day” by Mitch Albom is a nice short story I've enjoyed reading. I’ve reserved his other book, “Tuesdays With Morrie”.

Here's a Teddy Bear for you (Click and select your favorite).

Extra hugs for my sister, Sandy and more bears for my good friend Olive.

Here's a very big "Mr. Hugs" Teddy Bear for my special friend Ginger!

Hope you have time to relax a few minutes and click on all the links.

Take Care on the Journey,


The Cat's Meow said...

Your cast is prettier then mine was, I like the red. I was HAPPY to get mine,after 3 month of intense pain due to the quack doc I was seeing. Glad you don't need surgery 'cause that ain't no fun.
If you get the urge to scratch and stick something down the cast make sure you don't get the gauze inside bunched up. Take care!!!!
Love , Sandy

Clay Feet said...

If you have not seen it yet, find and watch the movie Tuesday's with Morrie. You will be blessed.