December 4, 2007

Waiting For Number 3

(Flikr photo)
They say bad things come in sets of three. While I won't go so far as to say any real bad things have happened, I am sitting at my keyboard encoumbered with a large black brace on my left hand after a hard fall. (I tripped over a little child trying to hug my knees from the back.) X-Rays show some bone fragments in the left thumb but nothing that won't heal. The good part is that hubby has to assist with some parts of dressing...

Night before last all the shelves in my closet came tumbling down. 40 years of family photos that were sorted by years all in a jumble! All my clothes mixed up in a big heap. The good news is that Billy's guitars were protected by large containers of Christmas decorations!

I'm waiting for number 3 and trying to type faster than 5ive words a minute! Bear with me as I recooperate. This computer won't spell check and it keeps mysteriou sly rebooting evert few minutes!!!

Take Care on the Journey,

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