December 9, 2007

Hey Grandma, I'm reading, "Little Women"

Sheba as my test subject. I thought you might enjoy a picture of Sheba posing for me. (It's called, "SIT".)

Who of us isn’t just a tad edgy these days? Or, are you having so much fun shopping and getting ready for the big holiday that you just can’t stop smiling? I wish!

I offer that this weekend has been up and down for me although sweet hubby has tried to be there to pick up on every little complaint and ignore the grumpiness on my part.

“I know it’s frustrating, darling, when your hand hurts and you can’t do the things you’re used to doing.”

So, my letter today isn’t intended to be negative, but it sure does help to vent a little on these pages and pretend that only about three people will read it anyway.

During the drug testing at the doctor’s office the other day (drug testing required when you get hurt on the job), the tech and I got to talking about the rampant use of ‘pot’
and why it isn’t legal. He said booze is what should be illegal because it causes so much trouble and deaths from drinking and driving. When I mentioned this conversation to my hubby, he informed me that it had been tried and failed already!

“It was called Prohibition.”

“But I don’t know what Prohibition is", I said, and he gently patted my knee and commented, “That’s right.”

He loves to give me little history lessons…and geography lessons…and math instruction. Knowing that my formal education was limited, he isn’t offended or ashamed as I sometimes felt my ex was when I didn’t measure up to the usual educational standards.

I didn't know there was an Eighteenth Amendment from 1920 -1933 which was aimed at creating alcohol abstinence through legal means.

I used to think that if I smiled enough people wouldn’t know how naive I was. (Or, maybe they wouldn’t care.) Now, I always have my ear to the ground and try to pay attention. I sometimes learn along things I should have been taught at an early age.

Today small toddlers are learning geometry and Spanish on TV before they are three-years old! When I was three years old I had already learned how to feed my baby sister and pack a suitcase, but I didn’t know my A-B-C’s.

We didn’t have a TV in the house until after I was married. (Some say that is good.) We didn’t read fiction – unless you count Ellen G. White’s book fiction. (Some do.) I didn’t wear make-up until I was over 40 years old and never wore a bathing suit until after I had kids.

So now, I wonder what this book, “Little Women” is all about and I’m free to check it out without retribution. The woman at the library tells me there are many books in this series. I’m sure most of you know that, but I did not and it makes me feel very odd - and old. Maybe I won't even like the book, but at least I can make the choice.

In other areas, (as my editor used to add to my stories for the paper), we finally got my closet back together. During the week, hubby worked hard re-installing rods and shelves. All the boxes and clothing (and secret Christmas presents that had been well hidden) were taken out and organized. Today, I’m very happy with the new digs! We even put up a 6-foot shelf for all my teddy bears to look down and smile at me when I’m puttering around in there. (Ginger would enjoy something like that!) It’s better than before although my injured hand is screaming at me to pushing the broken bones to the limit. (Thank goodness for Motrin.)

Sheba seems to be adjusting to her faded eyesight very well. We will be taking her to (another) vet this week and try to find out what is wrong and if it’s treatable. Our regular vet said she doesn’t do eyes. I’m beginning to wonder what she does do except charge a lot! Sometimes Sheba will be anxious when she can’t figure out where I am or if Ching-Ching takes her sleeping spot in front of the door, but I’m glad she isn’t as upset about her eyesight as I am. During the night when she finally makes her way to the foot of the bed, she wiggles all over with happiness and lies down on top of my feet as she takes a very deep sigh.

Like most of you, I still have a few cards to send out and gifts to pick out. Every year at this time I’m kicking myself for not planning during the year! I get so many good ideas but not enough time and never enough money! (Another thing to be grumpy about.)

For those few who do get a gift from me, please be understanding about and perhaps enjoy the unusual wrapping. Unlike my little sister, I can’t cut paper with my left hand and the right one is in a big brace!

I hope I’ve not sounded too down today. I could have mentioned that my boys won’t be home for Christmas and the lighted Santa in the window has already fallen down. The second opinion on my hand is that the fracture is worse than they thought and I might have to get surgery on it. But, I'll pass lightly on that.

Honestly, we have mutual love and a warm, cozy home. We cherish our friends who care about us (and we care about them), children who love us and family togetherness in one way or another. We are more fortunate than many we know personally and thousands upon thousands that we don't know about. I'm thankful for peace in my heart - and YOU.

Take Care on the Journey,


Bringer of Peace said...

You sure put me to shame. So much for which to be thankful for. Good for you. You know what? That kind of attitude of gratitude makes the bones heal faster too! Wish I had my clay up there to help your arm.
You know what? You could give yourself a lovely present and sit down and enjoy ______________ (you fill in the blanks.
Note the sit down is part of your gift to yourself. Why? 'cause you are special.
Continue to be good to yourself as well as your hubby. He deserves it too.
Bringer of Peace

Katy said...

Sheba looks so cute in that photo!
I'm sorry you're feeling down lately, Mama Linda, and that your hand is hurt and you're worried about Sheba.

I hope you'll hang in there and I'll write soon, ok?

Take care and stay warm,

The Cat's Meow said...

Sheba don't needs eyes to know she's loved. Remember when we had Lassie and we would carry her out side on our homemade stretcher? Now you live where she can learn her way around and go outside without the steps, you'll be surprised how well pets adapt to life changes. For our lack of education, you at least got more then me!! I think I got lead poison when a kid and thats why I'm dumb, ha ha I've never read Little Women either, but I got Witchie books I can read with no beatings!!!
Get a blanket, hot chocolate, candy and your book and take it easy. No one cares if the gifts aren't wrapped pretty!!!!
We just want YOU to take it easy.
love Sandy

Mountain Laurel said...

Thanks for the sweet comments. I appreciate the good advice. I mailed gifts unwrapped, got some dark chocolate HOT chocolate and some books from the library. Wish I knew more about the healing clay from Bringer of Peace.
Love, Linda