February 2, 2008


My friend, Becky, in Michigan sent me this address and it's so awesome, wonderful, uplifting and positive, I hope everyone who clicks this website will click on over to www.helpothers.org and sign up. (I'm DustyAngel over there.)

Thank-you, Becky.

Other news of note is that I've signed up with my publisher, AuthorHouse, to publish my second book, "The Laughing Place". While it is still a manuscript in progress, I hope to get it finished and to the publisher within three months.

This is the preview I've written for the book so far...The Laughing Place is a true-to-life story of Alzheimers and dementia written by a nurse who has cared for those with long-term dementia. Clients experience a happy, comfortable life at The Laughing Place, and family members feel an errie satisfaction that this is the most perfect place on earth.

I'm looking for an 'artist' who can draw simple pictures to illustrate each chapter. If you can, or you know someone who can draw, please let me know. I'm checking with my two sons to see if they know some friends who draw too.

My husband is finally starting to feel better after over a month of cough and feeling poorly. Tonight he feels especially 'bright' after going to the grocery store for his own brand of medicine. The doctor prescribed a narcotic that didn't help a bit, so he found a bottle of wine and probably drank a little more than he should have. It's called Goats do Roam. Rose 2007. South Africa. But, he reports that his head is the most clear it's been since he took sick!

In a few days we are going to vacation for a couple days in our new timeshare at Gatlinburg!!!! It's a cabin set in the Smoky Mountains that includes a full kitchen, sleeps four, fireplace, flat screen TV, kind size bed and (the best!), a Jacuzzi. I hope Sheba takes well to the new place.

My computer is starting to act like it drank the rest of the wine! It won't spell check, and I keep getting threatening messages in a pop-up box to the right of my screen. Best to post this now. Don't forget to sign up at http://www.helpothers.org/.

Take Care on the Journey,


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