February 19, 2008

What Are You Thankful For Today?

Hi Everyone,

This is an everyday update while I think of what I'm thankful for today. Bear with me as we convert to the laptop for wireless Internet service. Of course, I lost all my FAVORITES. I did copy them from the old computer, but it's such a hassle and time-consuming to retype everything back in.

Does anyone know why this computer won't go to a link when you click on it? A Microsoft Internet Explorer box pops up, but there's nothing in the address line that should be there. Actually, it won't let me add pictures nor will it spell check. I'm sure we just haven't clicked a box somewhere or something. It sure would be nice to clear up this computer programming mystery.

It's very cold here in central Ohio. (I don't think I'm thankful for the cold.) So mean that the transmission won't shift in the old van until I'm halfway to where I want to go! So bitter that the dogs have to be coaxed outside. So windy that there's no chance of a good hair day! So icy that I zig-zagged down the side streets today! And, we're expecting another storm tomorrow night.

Both of us are coughing a lot. (Not thankful for that either.) We share the cough syrup bottle during the night. I assure hubby that he does not have pneumonia. It's just that constant tickle cough that makes people look at you and think, "Boy, I hope she covers her mouth".

I'm looking forward to the warm summer months when we can put a picnic table down by our little sparkling creek and have a picnic while we feed the fishes. (I will be thankful for that!)

Hubby is doing great at his new job. (WE are thankful for that.) They pay most of his indoor parking that is right across the street from where he works in downtown Columbus. He has a nice office with two windows, a nice computer and comfortable chair. (Bad chair and no windows at his other job.) His boss seems very good to work with and is already giving Jim some responsible tasks to do. Did I say the pay is great? Whew!

I'm still working full-time because I dearly love my private duty case. I haven't "loved my case" for a very long time so I don't want to let this one go. The entire family is very considerate and a joy to work for. (Grateful for that.)

It's still always nice to be at home, though. My work here is never done and I'd dearly love to have more time for writing. I'm still working on the book and have posted articles in several places on the Internet.

All you mothers will enjoy this...My "baby" is 33 years old today. Happy Birthday, Philip. He shares a birthday with our good friend, Tania! Happy Birthday to Tania also!

My friend Marian sent me a forward that lists about 30 things one should do in life. The last was to find something to be thankful for that you haven't been thankful for before. Hmmmm. That's a new one.

Today, the biggie is that I'm thankful my son is 33-years old and happy with life, family and work.

What are you thankful for today?

Take Care on the Journey,
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