February 21, 2008

An Angel Touch

Sometimes we get so busy and/or caught up in the details of life that we miss those little angel touches slipped in when we weren't looking. I'll share one I discovered yesterday.

The young child I nurse was recently diagnosed with Autism. (His mom had suspected it.) The family has so many challenges with three little children under the age of three in the home, one with many health issues and both parents working. This is another bridge they must cross.

Mom and I have been researching Autism and getting lots of advice from therapists. In fact, there's so much out there right now, one doesn't know what is applicable or not! There was a book that the therapist encouraged mom to get, but she found out it cost $65.00, so that was crossed off the list of helpful items to afford right now.

In the meantime, I went to the local library searching on that computer to see what they had there. Again, there are literally hundreds of books to choose from - and most were not in stock at my library. I reserved two that looked simple enough to understand and found one that indicated it was available at my library. I clicked the box that said, "Place in your bag" expecting that it would be at the desk when I checked out. (Guess I don't know much about libraries!) When it wasn't waiting for me at checkout, the librarian said I should have also clicked 'reserve" on the computer.

Now I didn't even know the title of the book or how I had come across it in my search. But, I really wanted the book so I went back to the computer and typed in what I thought I had typed in earlier, "autism therapies". After a few minutes, I did find a book that was at my library so I figured that must be the book I wanted earlier. The kind lady helped me find it on the shelf.

Today, when I presented it to the mother, she gasped and said, "That's the book I wanted that cost $65.00".

I suspect a little angel-miracle helped make that happen.

And, here is my thank-you to my angel.

Take Care on the Journey,

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