March 27, 2008

Tulips, MySpace and AuthorHouse Publishing

Here's my usual late-night update to all my cyber friends. I'm fighting an irritating sore throat and night-time cough, but getting better.

Also, have been working tirelessly on a project I'm not even sure I should be bothering with! It's my personal site at MySpace! (Link at end of this posting.) This isn't especially my kind of 'space" but my sister got one started and I wanted to have one to enjoy together. (And, I like tinkering with and learning new techno challenges.) I've finally come up with a nursing theme for my site. It was difficult to find a respectable replica of a nurse - if you know what I mean) but now I've perhaps gotten it to work like I want it to. I hate "wasting" my time on things that don't work right. But, it's been updated and now I'm going to let it cool off for awhile.

Many long hours have found me on my hot cell phone getting the run-around at my publisher, AuthorHouse in preparation for my next book, "The Laughing Place". My customer service rep (Ryan) was replaced (with James), and Ryan didn't take notes on what we verbally agreed on for my package. They are charging me more (of course), and James thought the Contract on file was for The Laughing Place when it's really the old "Dusty Angels and Old Diaries" contract.

I finally wrote James that my next book is about the affects of Alzheimers, but I do NOT have Alzheimers and I did NOT sign a contract for The Laughing Place. Let's see if James has a sense of humor....

For those who understand more techno stuff, they keep sending me documents in .tif format which my computer will not open. I've been unsuccessful in convincing anyone at AuthorHouse Publishing that I need the more current format of .pdf. Jim says .tif is really, really OLD!

(Yes, I would try another publishing company but AuthorHouse already took my money. So, I'm going to insist in getting it RIGHT.)

Now if I only would take the time to finish writing it!!!! My plans are to spend a lot of quiet time writing when we are on a week's vacation at our Smoky Mountain cabin in May.

My James is enjoying his new state job very much. He doesn't even fuss about getting up early! They appreciate his experience in fiscal and interest in financial matters. He's in "Management". Something he surely deserves with his lifetime of experience and education.

Sheba and Ching-Ching are doing very well. (Sheba lying at my feet snoring as I write this.) Ching-Ching sitting at Jim's feet begging for cheese and crackers...

I'm working 40-hours a week on my baby home nursing case so it's hard to get much done when I'm home except make supper and have some personal time.

By the way, on Easter morning I got up early to take Sheba out just as the sun was coming up. Here in the center of Ohio, it was one of the most sparkling, rose-colored sunrises I've ever seen. I'm sure many people in the area enjoyed the early morning beauty because of sunrise services. I just simply enjoyed it - for me and my blind Sheba.

My tulips and crocuses are starting to bloom all around our front door. Our neighbor said I do more landscaping on the property than management does. I'll try to take some 'photos-by-linda' to post here when they are at full bloom.

Take Care on the Journey,


Katy said...

Hi Mama Linda,

I snuck by my work filters and was able to look at your myspace page- I like the pretty purple! Good work! Glad to hear that your flowers are blooming and that things are going well in your household. I hope you kick your cold soon!


Linda Meikle said...

...And I hope you are feeling good. Taking care of yourself? Thanks for the notes.
Love, Mama Linda