April 22, 2008

AuthorHouse, You're Giving Me A Heart Attack!

The original posting about AuthorHouse has been taken down because today I received several courteous phone calls from the reps at AuthorHouse who have resolved the issues I had regarding publishing my second book, "The Laughing Place".

And, the refund I requested has been successfully posted. Now we have a clean slate and none of us are in the dog house.

Thank-you to those who helped get this resolved for me.

I will remove this part within a couple days after those who read the first article will see 'the rest of the story'.


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1 comment:

The Cat's Meow said...

Way to go Linda!!!! People can be such a--Holes sometimes. At least they gave you your money back. Now AuthorHouse, should publish your book for FREE (we know that will never happen)but they could at least say sorry for being such JERKS!!!