April 17, 2008

Granger Chiropractic, New Albany, Ohio

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Yep, this a shout-out for Dr. Granger and his positively optimistic, happy, caring staff at Granger Chiropractic - both in New Albany and in Reynoldsburg (near Columbus).

If you know me, you will remember that I've always believed in the healing holistic value of regular chiropractic care. Not that I've always practiced what I preached, due to some unfortunate personal issues that prevented me from getting the wellness care I needed, and I have suffered for it. But, since we moved to Ohio, I've been searching for a chiropractor again.

All of us are subject to "subluxation degeneration". In case you can't even pronounced those two words, what that means is if you don't keep your back in good (Chiropractic) alignment, your body can't get the nerve impulses it needs to maintain good overall health.

Good chiropractors are like everything else in life...Sometimes you get a lemon. I know enough to be concerned about finding the right type for me. Someone who can use the activator and do manual adjustments. A chiropractor/person who is kind but firm, gentle but professional and able to teach me more about healthful living than I already know as a nurse and lifelong recipient of chiropractic care.

During my search (and research), I called several local chiropractic offices and asked one question to the receptionist.

"Why should your chiropractor be my chiropractor?"

You would be surprised how many front desk staff didn't have an answer....

"Uhhh. Because he's good?" (Like it was a test question.)

"Come on it and the exam is free."

"Because the adjustments don't hurt."

"We'll explain it on your first visit."

"Because everyone needs good chiropractic care."

Anita at Dr. Granger's had the best answer. "Because we love our patients", she answered instantly with a big smile in her voice.

And they do. I got the top to bottom initial assessment and x-rays. Then several types of adjustments by Dr. Granger who was gentle but thorough. Light on his feet, he is professional but friendly enough to put one at ease. Educated, but not overly so. An expert teacher at every visit and excited about chiropractic all the time.

For the first time in my life, I get a good therapeutic back massage after every chiropractic adjustment. Greg is a massage therapist who also gives healing massages at Ohio State University. Greg doesn't light any candles or burn incense, but he knows every muscle and joint and why it hurts. He appreciates patients who want to live better and longer.

Dr. Granger has a good website that I'll link to at the end of this article, but I'm saying in my words what I know is true about chiropractic care.

By the way, newborn infants should get an adjustment as soon as possible after birth. Can you imagine what the twisting and turning of birth does to an infant's little neck, not the mention the tugging and twisting pulling the doctor does!. If you don't believe me, just watch, "A Baby Story". The "adjustment' to a newborn is hardly more than a feather's touch, but is the best birthday present you can give to your child and one you should give yourself every year for the rest of your life.

Don't expect to get by with one adjustment! Do we brush our teeth once in our lifetime? Did we learn the multiplication tables in one day? Do we drive the same car our entire life? Does the same crop of corn come up every year? A good Chiropractic care program includes specific spinal adjustments on a regular basis, regular exercise, good nutrition and stress management.

Because I have many old injuries and my life has had its share of stress, there's a lot that needs 'adjusting'. But I've noticed that after an 'adjustment' at Dr. Granger's in New Albany, I always feel uplifted, have less pain and am more relaxed.

I've also noticed that his patients don't want to leave the office. One enjoys the calm, stress-free environment, friendly banter and smiling faces. There's always a patient or two hanging around the desk to chat with Anita or Greg or even Dr. Granger if he isn't busy with another patient. We exchange business cards or talk about our everyday life.

So once again, I'll give my Dusty Angel credit for looking out for me, and say thank-you to the Universe for guiding me on the journey.

Granger Chiropractic inReynoldsburg click HERE or call (614) 864-3888
In New Albany, call (614) 855-6999 or click HERE

Take Care on the Journey,

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Katy said...

I'm so glad you've found a chiropractor you like, Linda. It makes such a difference to know your pain won't last forever, doesn't it?
I love the activator, too! It's a great alternative to the sometimes startling twisting and cracking that they do.

How is your back feeling today?


Linda Meikle said...

My back is feeling much better (maybe a 4 and it was at least an 8). But, I've also been off work all week. I go back tomorrow. Thanks for checking in on the blog. How are you feeling thses days?

~Mama Linda

Katy said...

Hi Linda,
I'm glad your back is feeling better! Did your dr show you stretches to help your back, too? I do my stretches every morning and every night, and they really help (1 min in the morning, 1 minute at night- very quick and easy!).

Things are mostly good with me- I'll email you. :)