April 3, 2008

Still Sick but Sending Good Thoughts

There are many helping friends over at MySpace who have directed me to really nice websites where you can cut and paste so many kinds of "art".

Here are a few I found today while being cooped up with bronchitis and an ear infection. Click on the angel to read the poem.

I've named the person I thought of when posting each one.

For Sandy, after you 'save' the art on glitter-graphics (or anyplace else), come back to the blogsite and open (click on) Edit HTML and PASTE the code there. Then hit Compose to see the picture and Publish.

Smiley Flower is for Juanita

"Big Hugs" kitty cat is for my sister, Sandy.

This unique portrait made me think of Katy. I think she'll like this one.

I'll add more to other posts, but more could make this too long to load.

Take Care on the Journey,


Katy said...

Thanks for the glamorous picture, Mama Linda. I love it! I'm impressed that you're doing so well on myspace. I've been on there for several years and I still haven't figured out how to program a background and pictures onto it. MAN!

I hope your bronchitis is improving. Is it ok that you're off work right now? (Or are they on vacation, did you say?)

Get well soon!


Anonymous said...

I was very excited to see my name beside the smiley face flower! I do not seem to find the time to read your blog nearly as often as I would like. Thank you thinking of me.
I have thought of joining "facebook" because Warren and Lanita are on it, but I can not keep up with the computer stuff I need to do now I do not need to add something else to take care of on the computer.
Keep Smileing

Linda Meikle said...

Hey, you're more loved than you know!

Keep your journey simple...

Love ya!