April 10, 2008

Springtime Shines & Sings In the Midwest/Columbus, Ohio

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I have a couple exciting articles to post but need to catch up on a few things around the house first. In the meantime, here are some Snapshots of Spring around our home.

Spring is here and appreciated as only those who have endured a frigid winter can! Daffodils are in full bloom in most spots around the city of Columbus, Ohio. Tulips are promising to open very soon.

Kids are starting to line up at the Columbus Zoo, and salt-encrusted cars and trucks sit quietly in multiple long lines at all the car washes.

The dogs pull back on the leash wanting to stay outside and sniff the fine clean air.

Motorcycles sound loud, cranky and boisterous as the drivers kick through all the gears in the wind.
"Have a Nice Day", has been replaced with, "Isn't the weather beautiful!".

Busy landscapers are throwing mulch around every bush and assembling shiny new wheelbarrows.

Fat geese waddle close to the ground chasing their 'not-in-the-mood' mates, and loud ducks huddle together in pairs making eyes at each other.

A squirrel not seen since last summer dashes up the tree outside our window.

There are fresh rabbit pellets in the round patches of soft green grass.

A dozen female deer nibble at the edge of my favorite "deer field".

A man rides his bike to work, the front wheel a little wobbly after a winter of hibernation.

It's not quite so cold on the kitchen floor first thing in the morning.

Songbirds whistle and call to each other at sunrise and at sunset.

The elderly grandpa next door is out once again walking to the mailbox with his big stick.
He still wears a jacket and something warm wrapped around his head.

I saw the nose of a our pet "Thirsty-Turtle" in our pond yesterday peeking at the world.

Red Robins walk straight legged around the yard pulling up real worms. (Yuck but true).

There are eight packets of flower seeds on our kitchen table.

Jim spent an hour last weekend down next to the creek pulling away the limbs and old trees.
(Now he's down in his back again.)

Every new plant is a delight.
Each blade of grass is special.
Colorful flowers are sniffed.
And, baby leaf-tips are photographed close-up.

But, my most favorite snapshot of spring is the low-flying blue 'fishing bird" with its wings outstretched, long legs behind and his head high as it floats slowly across the pond, directly over my head and along the creek to its nesting ground about a mile away.

"Happy Hunting", I greet as he sails by.

"Happy Spring" he whispers without looking back.

That's the way it is here in the Midwest today.

Take Care on the Journey,

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The Cat's Meow said...

Linda you are wrong for those of us who don't have to put up with your frozen, hellish winter we still LOVE & appreciated spring. My roses are in bloom, King Tut's hiabisca has large pink flowers. The birds are outside sing,feeding from my feeder and the woodpeaker is peaking away at the backyard tree. The cats and dog are chaseing lizzards an laying in the sun. I also planted wild flower seeds around the side of the house and back fence. We are to get cool this weekend but only in the 40's. Glad you are feeling better and enjoying the fresh warm air.
Love ya, Sandy