May 15, 2008

Travel Log of Cades Cove and Westgate Resort, Gatlinburg, TN

Bambi's little brother we named, "40-Point".
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Photo by Linda Meikle.
I took these pictures of our Smoky Mountain vacation on May 15, 2008, It rained the entire day, but we had fun in the rain anyway!

Bambi's little brother showed up for a spectacular photo shoot! Yep, I got up that close and took his photo in the middle of his favorite grazing spot. You should have seen the cars lined up behind us because I stopped the van in the middle of the road and jumped out with my camera.

The finished cabins (first photos) are Westgate Resort near Gatlinburg, TN where we own a timeshare. Our 1-bedroom cabin is on the very tip-top of the mountain. Next year we hope to invite family to join us here!

The scenic views are on the 10-mile Cades Cove tour we drove today. We saw a mother bear and her two playful cubs in the woods but they were too far away for pictures.

Take Care on the Journey,

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Katy said...

Aw, bambi's so cute! I just had a vacation, too, but the only wildlife I saw at the Oregon coast was some seagulls. :)