July 6, 2008

Linda Meikle, RN (Again)

Like a bride-to-be writing her soon-to-be married name, I'm practicing a new name!

If I told you that I'm planning to start the RN program on October 6, 2008, would you say, "Oh yeah, you've said that before!"

If I told you that there are no prerequisites such as Algebra or Chemistry, would you think maybe I had a chance?

If I told you that even though I told everyone that at my age, it's crazy to change from LPN to RN because I'll make less money as a entry-level RN than what I'm making now, would you still think it's worth the time and trouble?

If I told you that when my good friend, Neil, asked me if I was sure I really wanted to do this at....(he stopped from saying "at your age"), would you agree? (I reminded him that one is never to 'old' to move forward in life.) I'll be 60 when I'm finished and maybe 61 by the time I take state boards!

A couple things happened lately that started me on this path again. First of all, my hubby believes in me and won't let the dream die! Then, I started getting this RN magizine that I did NOT order and it had so many articles about being a travel nurse. (They pay housing and everything!). And, about this time, Jim started riding the bus to work and noticed a new school, Bohecker College very near our home. He suggested I check it out!

I discovered they don't require any courses to start. And, they don't include all those subjects that have been so difficult for me in the past. So, I made an appointment and got an advisor who is thrilled that I have the courage to take this step right in the middle of my life! She's also very positive and helpful.

Jim says he will support me 1,000% because he knows that deep in my heart, getting my RN was a goal I always wanted, even if I SAID I decided not to.

He sent me an email with a picture of a ladder going up into the sky and said, "I will hold the ladder for you!"

Please remember me on Thursday, July 10 from 2-6 p.m. as I take the entrance exam. I've purchased the review books and am feeling pretty good about how I'm doing on the review questions. But, my educational background did not provide me with many basics one needs to build on for continuing education - especially in math and science.

When I'm done, I'm going to write a small booklet with examples of math problems and how I learned to remember the rules and sell it on eBay!

I have to tell you this funny illustration that Jim and I came up with for remembering the graph points. If you don't know what a Cartesian Graph is, here's a link.

So, here's how I will remember the graph if asked to plot (-2, +4). Where we live in our apartment complex, we have to pick up the dog poo from the yard. Sometimes, I take the dogs out and Jim goes back out to pick up the dirty work. Using the graph and the post on our side patio as "0", I can tell him exactly where he needs to walk to find the little pick-up spot. Straight out from the post and to the left would be something like (-2, +4). If you don't know what the graph is, just have faith, it works for us!

For measurements like the radius of a circle, we use a pancake as an example. First of all, I have to memorize the definitions such as what circumference and surface area means in the first place. Then I can figure out how to solve the problem by using common items like traffic signs, car windows and even food items.

Then there are those questions like if I have an order to give 0.1 mg of epinephrine and it come in a vial labeled 1:10,000, how much do I give? (I know that one from experience.)

So hip-hip hurray for me and follow my progress in this adventure from now until December 20, 2009 when my class graduates!

Did you know I may have become a registered nurse when I was 19-years old but grandma was so sure that Jesus would come before I finished school, that we decided on less education at the time!

What a journey it's been, but not that one yet!

Take Care on Your Journey,

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Clay Feet said...

And I'm glad to be the first one to be able to leave a comment about your choice. You are not only right about having the courage to start something like this at any age, but you have no idea of how inspiring your example will be to many others who are even much younger.
When we lived in Texas we knew a little old lady who I think was in her 90's who was attending community college. The other very youthful students absolutely loved her and were in awe at her spunk and her caring heart for them. We too were amazed at her spirit and her encouragement affected everyone who heard about her.
I'm so glad you have decided to bridge this emotional chasm and take the plunge. Personally I believe the effect it will have on your spirit is even far more important than the external advantages you may or may not attain from this. For the really important things in life are in the spirit realm much more than in the externals that most people focus on so much.

Linda Meikle said...

Wow! Thanks! I did a flip-flop on that comment. And, a big sigh of relief for the vote of confidence.

The Cat's Meow said...

Way to go Linda !*!!***
You'll be #one in your class.
I Love Ya xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

wow! that was a special comment! We too are so proud of you and happy for you to be chasing your dream!! You'll always have a special place in our hearts and we too will be here to "hold your ladder" in any way we can- as you have done so many times for our family in the short time we have been blessed to have you in our lives! -Buffy

Linda Meikle said...

The following comment was sent to my email by a good friend and former nursing 'supervisor'. Teresa Lucas, RN was owner of Teresa's Country Homes in Berrien Springs, Michigan where I was her Health Care Coordinator for several years.

Dear Linda,

I have never “blogged” so I was not sure where or how or whether to write this in public spot. You may use whatever you choose of my comments, and maybe let me know the best place to put them!

As an RN who has had the pleasure of being a work associate with you, I say “HURRAY!! “ to your new journey for your RN. AND give Jim a hug for me and tell him that if I could, I would help him hold the ladder! I know you have it in you and that you will succeed at this. And if some unforeseen circumstance prevents you, you will always know you gave it your all and learned and grew, as you have done with every part of your life!

And I read your excerpts from your book -right on!! You are capturing it!! So keep going. SO-O-O many people will be able to relate to this book!!!

And finally, about the whole church thing.

In your heart of hearts, Linda, consider this, and maybe you already embrace it fully:

I believe that in the end, when Jesus wraps this all up, it is your faith that God wants as a display of His victory in your life. (Paraphrase from the Bible version THE MESSAGE, I Peter 1: 4-9 or so). And from a song I heard, “Nothing you can do can make Him love you more, and nothing you have done will make Him close the door. Because of His great love, He gave His only son, and everything was done, so you would come.”

That always was and always will be your choice between Him and you. I am so disappointed that church people (of all denominations) distort the love and acceptance of God and end up with lists of do’s and don’ts. I am disappointed but not surprised — it is a battle won by of the enemy of us all — a battle won, but not the war! I know who wins the war - it is Jesus!!! I believe God takes care of the do’s and don’ts in one’s life if we focus on Him and His Word. And those lists can and will be different for each one of us because God does not look at the outward appearance but the intentions of the heart. ! That’s why we cannot think “lists”, we must think “relationship”! And we persist in trying to create a community of believers that authentically try to reflect His love to others - feeble as our efforts may be. If we are transparent in the process, and don't get in the way of the Holy Spirit, people are drawn to Jesus. By His grace, we are trying to be a part of that here. Our journey has been very difficult in many ways, but we have found joy in it because we hang onto God’s hand and a vision of what church can be!

I agree with you that everyone’s religious experience is colored permanently by their “worldview”, and for some who do not have a healthy frame of reference, it takes time and patience and love to re-frame a healthier picture of their Creator. But our good God is patient, not willing that any should perish, but that all should have eternal life.

Thank you for helping me find joy in my journey,