July 10, 2008

One Giant Step for Linda Meikle

Dear Family and Cyber Friends,

Today was the day for the entrance exams at Behecker College! For me to be considered for acceptance, I had to make 850 (not sure where that number came from), so I've been studying and worrying and studying some more - especially the math and basic algebra!

Jim's been helping me even though he's sick in bed, and my friend, Buffy spent some time reviewing with me. She can instantly see right through any algebra problem. But, I still felt very shaky about the math and really hoped my angels would amplify the encouragement and helpfulness from others!

So today at 1:30 p.m. I sat down for the 4-hour test - and finished at 3:30 with a score of 1,032.

The preceptor of the test looked at my score on the computer and did a double-take. Then she said "OMG" as she patted me on the back. "I think that's the best score we've ever had" she quietly squealed.

Funny, on the computer screen as you answer the last question and click for your final score (at least 850), it says "please remember to be quiet". (Others are still taking the test). I reminded the preceptor that we were suppose to be quiet, but we were both excited and it was hard to keep quiet.!

Later, my advisor said, "See I told you that you're smart." I pointed to the little golden angel pinned on my blouse and said, "She helped".

Actually, there's a story about that little angel too! Before leaving for the test, I was looking for a pencil sharpener and remembered that Sandy had sent me one for a Christmas present a couple years ago that I'd never opened but had sitting next to the computer. I opened the package - and it wasn't a pencil sharpener at all!!!!! She had wrapped two very tiny packages and put them into a cutest little container that had a picture of a dog (like Sheba) on it. Inside the miniature container was the tiny little angel and a set of angel earrings. I don't know how long that "pencil sharpener" box has been sitting there, but I suspect I've been carrying it around for several years!

Well, my smallest "Go-for-it" (the name of all my angels) arrived at just the right time and place!

By the way, for tests these days one does not need pen, pencil, calculator or scratch paper! The questions and answers are done with a computer and the calculator is on the computer screen. They give you scratch paper and well-sharpened pencils which are returned at the end of the test.

My next appt. is Tuesday July 15 when I turn in my paperwork for financial aid and a million other forms of paperwork that is required in today's technology society. (Immunization records ((from how many years ago?)), health records, drug screening, background check, physical from the doctor, letter of recommendation from a RN, tax papers, and more!)

Jim is still having very bad back problems and has been off work (and mostly in bed) all week. He's afraid he's never going to recover, but I assure him that back spasms do eventually resolve themselves. He's been to the emergency walk-in clinic, our medical doctor and to the local chiropractor several times this week.

Chiropractic care is something that he's never been exposed to, so they've spent a lot of time with him explaining everything they do and believe in and are giving him several types of treatments and adjustments. We love the new chiropractors in town Drs. Heather and Greg Prenger.

It's been stressful, but we are survivors!

Take Care on the Journey,

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Anonymous said...

WHOOHHOOOOOO!!!!! CONGRATS Linda! I told you that you really ARE better at math than you give yourself credit for! So happy for you and very proud too!

Tell Jim that I hope his back will ease up soon! Do you think cupcakes will help??


Katy said...

Hot damn! Great job, Linda!
Good luck gathering your paperwork. I hope Jim feels better soon- poor guy. :(


Anonymous said...

See what happens when you don't open ALL your presents at X-mas!!! Glad the Angels help you through your test. I know you'd done great without them tho.
I feel for Jim, those back spasms hurt super bad, soma with a vicoden seem to help me the best.Hope he is feeling better.
Love Ya, ME

Anonymous said...

I don't know why but this ----- won't let me post my comment today!!!