August 25, 2008

ATT Just Keeps On Calling

When I got home today there was a message from AT&T on the answering machine, "This is to advise you that your Internet service has been upgraded to Prospeed. Your next bill will reflect the increase."

Did I say anything about an upgrade in the last posting, "ATT You Have The Wrong Number"? The 10+ places I was routed to had only to do with trying to get a change of name called "billing responsibility" so our billing would all be under one name. How can I "upgrade" if I can't even get the service in my name? Huh? No, they wouldn't do a name change, but they say I authorized an upgrade/Something this is suppose to prevent...

Well, my day started on the wrong side of the bed even with my best efforts to be a positively nice person today. Before noon I had thrown hubby's lunch bag at him as he left for work (he got up late), yelled at the billing department of my chiropractor (I was mistaken about something) and snapped at the DJ on the radio for lying. I just hate it when they say, "Traffic and weather is next" when they really mean, "after 3 minutes of commercials".

So, for the last hour I've been waiting on hold (again!) in between talking to two sympathetic employees. I've tried to explain what I wanted on the 21st (name change) and what I got on the 25th (upgrade).

I've spoken to two "managers" (thanks Buffy) who apologized for for the 'inconvenience and bad mistakes". "We don't work that way," said the lady who promised to give me a $25 credit on the next billing because of the mistake of upgrading when I didn't ask for it. (She also says she changed our Internet back to what we had.)

The second manager completely shocked me when he said, "I've gone ahead and done the name change for you," as he apologized for "the inconvenience" of the last several days. Mr. 'Mission Impossible' did advise me to wait for the next billing period when all the services are billed under my name to request the combined billing package.

Somehow I don't believe any of them. The form that was emailed to me for hubby to sign on the name change indicated if they don't get it back by September 10, our service will be cut off. (I'm not going to even ask what that means.)

Now that Mr. Impossible has been so nice to do the name change in one mouse-click, I don't need to send the form back. On the other hand, I'd sure miss the Internet if they cut me off.

Hang on. What is this in the mail? WE GOT OUR INCENTIVE CHECK TODAY!
I was so busy with the phone company, I forgot to tell hubby!

I'm going to feel better before you read this and I do not want to post anything that might make someone else feel discouraged. But hopefully when life seems so irritating you could just spit, you will quickly feel better because, as some of you have indicated in your comments, you've also walked in my shoes.

Take Care on the Journey,
~Linda Home:


Katy said...

Life stinks sometimes, doesn't it? :(

I'm glad to hear you got your check, though! Mine was very late, too, but not as late as yours. Any big plans for it?


Linda Meikle said...

Thank goodness for air freshner and a good attitude. LOL

The incentive money is set aside for my RN program. :) Yeaaaa

~Mama Linda

Heather said...

I share your frustrations with ATT!! Thanks so much for the lovely post!

Anonymous said...

The Cat's Meow said...
Yep, ATT SUCKS!!!! I was trying to cut bills so I called to have call waiting and etc. removed from our bill. Was told that my name wasn't on the account and I couldn't make changes " you can have Mr.Zike call and put you on his acct. THEN you can make a change" BUT while I have you on the line, and since you are his wife, would you like to upgrade to fiber optic? I told her I can't remove something to make Mr. Zike's bill smaller but I can ADD more to his account,thats bull shit, and hung up.
Love Ya