August 21, 2008

More of Linda's Flowers - Morning Glories

While some people pull and toss those pesky, wild, take-over Morning Glory plants, I gently nudge my sky-hungry vines up the trellis and give them a good soaking with clear cold water at least twice a day. They gobble up nourishment from prepared flower fertilizer once a week and show me how much they appreciate my TLC by climbing higher and higher and still reaching for more! Notice how dry the grass is? We haven't had a good rain in weeks! Oh yes, that's a tomato plant to the right of the Morning Glory vines. Most of them got black on the bottom, but the plant has a nice fragrance when you sit on the porch.
Click on photos for the latest photos taken August 21, 2008. Enjoy - and click on any photo for a close-up view. A YouTube version is added below. Hope it works!

Take Care on the Journey,

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Katy said...

Very pretty! Green thumbs run in your family. :)