August 29, 2008

Who Is Sarah Palin? A Birthday Gift to John McCain - Not Our VP.

Sarah Palin, Vice President of the United States ?

She might have been a beauty queen. She does have a handicapped child. She sounds like a spitfire. She's governor where few want the position and was mayor where even less wanted to serve. She was in the right place at the right time, but I believe that no way, no how, is she qualified to be only a heartbeat away from serving as the President of the United States as the vice-presidential running mate of presidential candidate John McCain!

By the way, Mr. McCain. I was the beauty queen of Laurelbrook School, Dayton, Tennessee in 1968. I have a step child with Down Syndrome. I have a sister who taught me everything I need to know about being a spitfire. I was an elected official for seven-years longer than Sarah has been Governor of Alaska, but I know when I'm being suckered!

News stories shout the news with words like, "McCain shook up the presidential race"... "In a surprising move..." "A surprise pick"... "McCain made history today"... "A hockey mom"... "Peanut -sized political past..." "A 44-year old mother of five kids..."

Don't mock us! We are not fools. The highest position in the United States of America does not belong to a woman whose highest claim to fame is that nobody knew who she was until noon today!

When I heard the news - leaked out before the official announcement - on the radio, I called my husband at work who always knows everything about everything. "Who is Sarah Palin - or some name that sounds something like that", I demanded.

He sat up in his chair, suddenly fully alert but at a loss to answer my pointed question. "I've never heard of anyone by that name," he responded as I heard the keys clicking on his keyboard and knew he would have the answer before I could order my Asian salad at McDonald's.

Sure enough. Before I could exchange the wrong dressing with my requested ranch dressing, my cell phone rang back. "Sarah Palin is the Governor of Alaska!" he almost shouted at me.

It sounded ridiculous at the time and suspicious even now. "The Governor of Alaska". Who is McCain kidding? I don't know what he was thinking, but perhaps that was the brightest idea he could think of as a 71st birthday present to himself. (His birthday is today.)

I have no doubt that Ms. Palin will crumble or be crumbled. I give her less than two weeks. Perhaps even by MY birthday (September 3) she will be on the outs. She may look the look and talk the talk, but the birthday candles get blown out after one makes a wish and the cake is quickly gobbled up by happy party-goers.

Perhaps I'm assuming my readers can read my mind. As a public official for two terms (1992-2000 - while Clinton was president) as Oronoko Township Clerk in Berrien Springs, Michigan, I know that you have to work hard to win and you have to have the spirit of a barracuda to stay in your position - and not let the 'good ole guys' beat you down.

Apparently, Ms. Palin has the strength to work hard and the spirit of a barracuda to get things done from what we hear about her past political experience. But, I believe that does not prepare her for the BIG GUYS in Washington! I respect her strength, but don't accept that this has prepared her to be the presumptive vice-presidential candidate.

That McCain uses his position and her unique abilities to throw her out to the wolves and offer us someone not qualified for the job - just because as a 'good ole guy'' and he can - is not right!

To THIS, I say, "no how-no way!"

Ms. Palin should get back on that plane and attend to the State Fair in Anchorage, Alaska! Keep your day job, but go home at night and read to your children. Bid your oldest son off to war and cuddle your baby while you can."

Take Care on the Journey,



The Cat's Meow said...

Way to go McCain!!!
I'm a Republican, and OBAMA has my vote. We all need a REAL change for the people.
I love ya Linda
Baby Sis, Sandy

Katy said...

Offhand and with no research whatsoever, it seems like Mccain is going after the women's vote with this appointment. Hopefully her inexperience works against him rather than for him.

Great entry, Linda!

Linda Meikle said...

Thanks Katy and Sandy for your comments.

I posted my comments on CNN as an iRport and it got posted with 11 comments so far. If this works, the link is ...


The Cat's Meow said...

I LOVED your CNN post!!!
Sent the site to my friends.