September 3, 2008

Birthday Blessings

September 3 ...

... IS the day I've celebrated all my life even though my birth certificate lists September 6, 1950. I didn't obtain that document until later in life, and by then it felt like a disgrace to change the day I like to think I arrived for this lifetime. So while some of my family members still ask what day I celebrate my birthday, hubby likes to shower me with birthday celebration all week long!

Today I've taken the day off from work - or should I say - my nursing job. Jim urged me to sleep in and enjoy the day as he slipped some birthday presents around the house for me to discover when I 'got up".

Sheba, on the other hand, expected the usual schedule and insisted on having her breakfast at 6:31 a.m. Perhaps Sheba knew the brightly colored package on the kitchen take was from her and Ching-Ching and she couldn't wait for mommy to share some sweet Godiva dark chocolates.

Wearing my new sparkling horseshoe necklace from hubby (good luck ?) over my PJ's, (hubby has never heard of Jezabel), and sharing our chocolates, Sheba and I had the bed made up (I don't do that every day!) laundry going, trash out and vacuuming done by 8 a.m.. I wanted to run some errands (rent payment and post office) and shop for a new birthday blouse before meeting a friend for a fun birthday breakfast at my favorite breakfast place, Scramblers - otherwise known as "The Egg Place".
The silk blouse (pictured) I found on sale at Macy's was a $75 value on sale for $26.00! Jim will like it, I'm sure when we go out for a candlelight supper tonight. (Do they have candle light at Olive Garden?)

I think that birthdays are good for reflecting not about how much older we are or the changes in our body that Father Time loves to pepper us with, but on what we are thankful for and the direction we are taking with our life. None of us have the perfect life although sometimes I hear people say they have "everything they could ever wish for". That's usually someone who just had a new baby or recently got married. That's not the gratefulness I'm thinking about.
Believe me when I say I'm thankful for my dear hubby! (pictured in small photo). He was sent by the universe to watch over me when life seemed to be at rock bottom for me.
Once a mother - always a mother. Every time I wake up in the morning or after a nap, my boys are smiling from the large photograph on the dresser by my bed! (Pictured) They are always close to my heart and still chattering little boys in my mind. That's not quite as good as having them living nearby, but I know they love and respect me all year 'round. I love you!

I'm very thankful for the security of a loving and special sister, Sandy (pictured on right). We've sure been through some tough times in our life and haven't been able to spend as much time with each other as we would like to, but Sandy is only a heartbeat away in spirit and number 6 speed dial on my cell phone! Future plans are for us to live closer to Sandy before too much longer. I can't wait!

Of course, I have other family members who mean a lot to me. My mom and siblings in CT keep in touch although we were separated early in life and haven't been able to be together as much.

I think of my friends who each have a special meaning in my life. Some have stayed around to encourage and bless me for many years - new ones are added along the way. Last year we spent my birthday with good friends, Floyd and Tania who have been there as far back as I can remember. My breakfast this morning was with a fairly new friend who is young enough to be my daughter and whose children are fast becoming better than grandchildren!

Johnnie called on Sunday. Olive write me a poem and sent it by email. Grandpa Cash remembered my birthday even though he's 88 years old! (He still goes to church every Sabbath and has a Bible Study group in his living room every week!) Other friends will be in contact throughout the year and anytime we need each other. Thank-you and love!

Good health...I'm working on making mine better and thankful for my wonderful professional, caring and talented chiropractors, Drs. Heather and Greg Prenger.

Goals in life are still being formatted and anticipated! The RN program for me is scheduled to start October 6. Becoming a registered nurse is one of the longest and most desired life goals I've had! I'm not there yet, but obstacles of the past are gone and it looks like I will be moving forward into the role of "student" for 2009!

Our world, government and life changes are taking place at a very rapid pace all around us. Tonight I'm planning to listen to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin speak at the Republican Convention (on TV of course). Some are betting that John McCain will drop her as his running mate with the pressure of negative press. I doubt that. Even though I still don't think she's vice presidential material, she does appear to be a strong woman and will probably survive the onslaught.

The presidential race between Obama and McCain looks to be close down to the wire and the disparity of candidates have everyone talking. While we may voice support for one or the other, I believe the universe still holds some power in holding back the curtain of time.

I'm a child of the universe and assured that my life is special and well guarded. I'm forever thankful for that assurance and for unconditional, everlasting love.

Thank-you for being my friend and for walking this journey with me!

Take Care on the Journey,



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Linda,Sorry I'm behind in my birthday wishes, I hope you enjoyed your week! I have finished your book! It was very well written, a touching story, with so many life experiences. I can see why you are such a stong woman today! I'm glad it had a happy ending too!