September 16, 2008

Sign-up For My Newsletter

Did you notice the sign-up box for Linda's Newsletter on the left? I've wanted to start an email newsletter for a long time but didn't have the computer know-how. A new sitemeter called offers me a way to make a subscription list, so if you put in a name and email address, I should get it. After that I have to learn just how to make an online 'newsletter' and send it to you by email.

Things I plan to include are areas that I have an interest and experience in such as photography articles, helpful medical information, household tips, interesting web links, how-to articles, a swap shop, free things, an exchange list of "white elephants' where we exchange things we don't want for things we do want, perhaps an advice column and - always - suggestions from you - the reader! Maybe we could post pictures from our readers and articles from guests.

So please sign up and let's see if we can get this ship on the water! I don't care if you use a phony name but it must be a working email address. In fact, I often use the name of a pet when I sign up for something like this. Our cat, Samantha used to get emails and once she even got a free credit card!

If you have any suggestions for a newsletter title or other articles you'd like to see, I'd love to hear from you. Remember my email address is easy.... (From your email - Don't click the email listed here or I may not get it.) Or, please comment below.

Eventually, I might send my subscribers the first chapters of my new book(s) that I'm writing. I might even offer you FREE books! You never know. No matter what, my subscriber list will not be sold or even given away to anyone. You will only get mail from ME.
Help me make this little dream come true. Thanks.

Take Care on the Journey,


The Cat's Meow said...

I changed my address. It took me awhile to figure out how to change it in my autofill, but its done.
Love ya

Linda Meikle said...

Thanks Sandy, It's updated and awaiting you to click the link when you get the email. You are the only one who has signed up for my newsletter (yet to be developed).

I hope others will sign up. All you need is an email address. No one gets this information but ME. I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks, Linda

Anonymous said...

I signed up for your "newsletter". When do you think you will send out your 1st "newsletter"?
Ms. Hodgepodge