October 12, 2008

Hello and Goodbye

(For those of you who get this in your email now, I hope you'll also check out the website at http://dustyangels.blogspot.com for all the stories. Linda Meikle photos. Click on the photo for real close-up views - especially that awesome moon!)

This weekend we were so happy to have Kathryn and Bob (pictured with me) come down from Dayton to visit for the afternoon. I lived with this couple and their three children for a year while I took the LPN course in Dayton, Ohio in 1970. We've kept in touch all these years, but this is a first real visit in many, many years! (I can't wait to get their age so I can be skinny again! One can hope!) We spent the afternoon chatting and sipping cold apple cider. I was thrilled to see my 'second-family' again! They are a very special couple. I love them very much!

Jim has been waiting for this Harvest Moon! (He's sitting out on the porch enjoying the Autumn night sky as I write this.) My camera took this one picture, then wouldn't focus for any more shots. Oh well, one good shot is all I needed...

The tall grasses outside our front door have gone to seed for the winter.
A close-up of the tree next to our home. Just this week many of the trees have started to turn into soft fall colors.
Sadly, our most favorite neighbors are moving. He is an airline pilot who lost his job here in Columbus when Skybus failed. They packed the truck tonight and are ready to pull out in the morning. We will surely miss our friends and grandpa Ed! God Speed and God Bless!

Take Care on the Journey - One and All

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Juanita said...

Imagine my surprise to click on your blog site and to see a picture of you and my parents! I am glad you all got a chance to visit with each other.

Gorgeous weather this weekend!

Lanita, I and several friends did the 5 mile "Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk" on Sunday in Cincinnati. I am emailing you some pictures.