October 16, 2008

My Blog Follower List

Tonight I noticed a little icon on my profile page listing "1 Follower". I clicked on it, and it was my sister! I don't know how she did that (yet), but I've added this new 'widget' to the sidebar. Anyone who would like to become a 'follower', please feel free to add yourself if you can figure it out.

School is going GREAT! There's a lot I'm anxious to SHARE, but I'm too tired to write more tonight. (My English professor would say I've used too many commas... Sorry.)

Take Care on the Journey,

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Clay Feet said...

Isn't that interesting. I wonder if all college English teachers say that. My writing teacher at LMC said the same thing about nearly all of my papers as well. I still don't agree with how few commas he insisted on but I did it his way during the class for the grade. I will say it has made me more aware in my writing to not overdo them, but I still put them in more than he would have approved.
Right now Jenny is dealing with the same thing with her English teacher. I think its a conspiracy.