October 28, 2008

Philip Cash - Teacher of the Month

My youngest son, Philip, was recently honored as Teacher of the Month where he teaches math at Blythwood High School near Columbia, SC. Our family is pleased that Philip has done such an outstanding job doing something he loves. (Philip is holding the school mascot in the picture.)

We are proud of both my sons who have pursued teaching as a career.

This is the letter Philip was presented with during a surprise visit to his classroom a few days ago. (He gave permission for me to post this on my blog.)
From: Patrick Kelly
To: Price, Keith
Date: 10/15/2008 2:34 PM
Subject: FV TBOM- October

CC: Polson, David
Mr Price,

We would like to nominate Mr. Philip Cash as the Future Visions Teacher Bengal of the Month for October. Mr. Cash has gone above and beyond in finding unique ways to engage his students in the study of math. On a given day in Mr. Cash’s class, students can be found doing everything from arranging cards to create a “flow proof” in Geometry to competing to answer questions so they can run up their score in “Cashball.” Mr. Cash is also a master at meaningfully integrating technology into his curriculum and finds excellent ways to make the SMART Board a daily part of learning.

Above all these things, Mr. Cash deserves to be commended for his heart and passion for working with students. It is apparent to anyone that talks to Mr. Cash that he is deeply committed to helping each of his students succeed in math and in life. The most eloquent statement of Mr. Cash’s care and concern for his students actually comes from a parent, who in writing about Mr. Cash noted that “as a parent I get to see the impact of great teachers down the road and how they have such a positive influence on my kids. I dare to say that Mr. Cash is one of those teachers.” We completely agree with this parent, and are happy to recognize Mr. Cash as the FV TBOM. Thanks!

Patrick Kelly
Lead Teacher, Future Visions
AP U.S. Government Teacher
Boys Cross Country Coach
Blythewood High School
Blythewood, SC 29016

Home: http://dustyangels.blogspot.com


Katy said...

Congratulations to Philip!

As one who is math challenged, I'm skeptical that anyone could make math fun, but with enough creativity I suppose it could happen. ;)

At least maybe I wouldn't cry in his math class. . . Not crying in class is always nice, isn't it?


The Cat's Meow said...

Way to go Philip!!!!
Math was the only class I ever liked in school.
We went to the teachers convention (1963) and I learned the "new math" while going to the meetings with GM and then I got to help her teach it to the 3-4 kids in our school.
love to you & Shelly
Aunt Sandy