October 28, 2008

Pick-Me-Up Needed

(This was edited for content Nov. 3, 2008)
I only have a few minutes before time to get hubby from the bus stop, but I know some of you might be checking here for the results of my test.

My first major exam was not the best test I've taken in my lifetime. The good news is that very few made above 79 percent. The bad news is that I made a disappointing 74 percent.

Yep, it hurt pretty badly at first, but I've had time to re-center after a long talk with youngest son who already called to see how the test went and to encourage me that it won't always be this bad!

Later, I made an almost perfect score on the pharmacology test and a perfect 100 percent in Psychology, so that was encouraging!

Like most of the students of our A&P class, I knew most of the answers as they were listed in the book. But when the questions had some sort of twist, I picked the wrong one of the two "right" answers. (Multiple-choice).

The professor did acknowledge to me that my "study skills are excellent" and that my mind "soaks it up like a sponge", but he told all of us that we have to "think outside the box", and he worded his questions so we would have to think that way - even though many of us wonder if one should be expected to "think outside the box' the very first time we do something?

While I can't list specific questions here, I will say that several of the questions did not even have the answer in the book. He calls that "thinking outside the box" when challenged.

Well, I don't want to use my energy blaming the professor, but will use this as a learning experience and become a better student. (Pass the ... course, to be specific!)

If you don't agree with my somewhat positive attitude, that's okay. You should hear Jim going on and on and on about how unfair this test was... Me. I have to move on and let it go so I can study for tomorrow's testing.

Take Care on the Journey,

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Katy said...

I can't stand teachers who try to trick their students. Especially when the answer isn't in the book!!
That's so rude.

One thing I always found challenging about school was trying to figure out what kind of teaching/testing style each teacher had. Were they literal, and you only had to regurgitate facts? Were they tricky? Did they want you to be creative but not too much? At least you weren't the only one who got caught by his bad teaching skills. He can't flunk the entire class, can he?

Good luck on your next test, ML!


Heather said...

We has a class in chiropractic school and the proff gave a test which 70% of the class failed including the valedictorian and salutatorian (Greg), I was included in the 70% too. And those who passed wern't the most scholerly bunch in the class, it was completly random. Sometimes professors write bad tests. No worries.