November 18, 2008

A Great Test Day!

As a follow-up to the previous posting, I made an A on both tests today! A&P was the greatest improvement and something I'm very happy about. I even got the fill-in-the-blanks spelled right! In Pharmacology I might have made a perfect paper but simply couldn't think of the correct answer on a question even though I knew the answer - just drew a blank! I waited as long as I could to turn it in, but that one stayed stubbornly 'out of mind'! Oh well, I'm glad my studying paid off. Tomorrow is a small test in Psychology but I think I'm ready.

It's very cold today and expects to stay that way tomorrow. I found some great cold weather drapes for the windows of the patio door at Target. After putting them up, the living room looks so much more cozy and is definitely warmer! Well worth the cost! I think they were $28 a panel and I needed two.

I just got home and need to get supper ready, but wanted to post my excellent test results!

Take Care on the Journey,


1 comment:

Katy said...

Oh my goodness, congratulations!!
You're headed for a 4.0, you smarty pants!