November 21, 2008

My Article Won $150

(This cute icon is what posted for those who won the essay contest. It shows hands clapping.)

The story I wrote titled, Orientation Day LPN - RN that I posted at won 3rd Place!

I'd forgotten I entered it, so what a pleasant unexpected surprise! This is a serendipity to be shared right away with my family and friends here on my blog. Everyone enjoys winning something!

The original article is posted at allnurses, although you might have to sign in to visit
Just in case you can't view allnurses, the article was also posted on this blog HERE.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to have WON something. I think I'm going to use the money to order 10 of my books from Authorhouse, because I'm out of books to give away to new friends at school.

Take Care on the Journey,



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