December 10, 2008

Thank-you and Good Luck, Laurie

Laurie does not attend Bohecker College. She left me this comment over at where I posted my story (click here) about Bohecker Orientation (and won 3rd place). Her story is so touching, I want to copy and paste it here for my blog family to read. Laurie struggled with the same challenges that I did trying to get into a nursing program for so many years. Her story follows: (Read to the end.)

*Thank you. That is all that I can say. I found out two days ago that, although I had gotten into an LVN (you call it LPN where you live) program, I was ineligible for entry due to a pre-req that I had not been able to get into. I took my first nursing pre-req 6 years ago. I was 20 years old and pregnant, and already had 2 sons. I had found myself a single mom, but was convinced that I was going to make something of myself and set an example for my kids. Regardless of how hard it was or how long it took.

**I did finish those pre-req's, with a 3.5 while working full time grave yard shifts and raising 2 boys on my own. I put my name on a waitlist for an rn program...then saw that my number wasnt due to come up for 3 more years. I gave it the old college try for about 3 semesters, and then I realized that I needed to move on. I had three children. I was single. I had finished an associates degree in psych while I was waiting for a nursing opening. I needed a bachelors, a career. I switched majors.

**4 months before graduating from SDSU with a BS in Psych, I met my current husband. While he was proud of me, and happy for me, he made it known that I didnt need to abandon my nursing dream. He let me know he would bend over backward to help me realize it. So I tried again...

**But it was back to the daunting waitlists, and my science pre-req's had expired. I was frustrated, but determined. I decided to get my LVN first, and do an RN step-up program after. There weren't waiting lists for that. I finished my pre-req's (again), and applied to a local LVN program that I could afford. I found out that I was guaranteed a spot! I was beyond excited. I've been a CNA working for an acceptance letter for 5 years!!! Then I found out I was missing a pre-req required by their facility, and the classes offered there were filled. They gave me a list of places offering the class in the time alotted before the LPN program started. I left, still confident that this was finally my shot! Then I found out that all of the classes were full.

Here I was, 26 years old. Having to put it off for yet ANOTHER year. It was inconceivable. I needed to further my psych education, and have a real career. I cried all night, and applied to a Masters program in Psych the next day.

Then I read your story on It made me think, Im 26. She is 20 years older than me, and she hasn't given up. Here I am giving up!! I will smile the whole time when it is my turn too! My husband doesn't want me to give up either! I called the school back and retracted my application for the psych program, and then I poured over the internet for schools within a 2 hour radius of my home that offered the pre-req class I needed. And I found one. An hour away, but worth the drive twice a week.

I take that for 6 weeks, and then I look at a white board that says welcome LVN students...

**I know we are complete strangers, but it is honestly because of your post. I wouldnt have bothered to look in neighboring counties without reading your story. I cant thank you enough. And if I have questions during the LVN process, I'd love to look to you as a mentor!

**Best to you and yours! Happy Holidays!

**Laurie L.****************

What a beautiful story!!!! I hope I can be Laurie's mentor in whatever way possible.

Take Care on the Journey,



Katy said...

I'm sure you've inspired more people than you know, Linda. :)


lalaw said...

Thank you, Linda, for posting my story! I have signed up to follow your blog! I haven't been able to find an email for you on this site or allnursing. If you feel comfortable, please send it to me! I also posted a picture so that you can put a face with the name, but it only shows up if you click on my profile on your blog for some reason (so far anyway). Hope you are having a great week and doing well!
Take care!