December 9, 2008

Congratulations! Nicole, LPN

A New Journey...

Many of my classmates at Bohecker College - Columbus are continuing their education in the RN (Registered Nurse) program after having finished the LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) program at Bohecker last year. While these students have graduated from Bohecker as practical nurses, they haven't taken their state test to become Licensed Practical Nurses - something they must do very soon in order to continue in the RN program.

During the last couple weeks, those students who are in the RN program with me have been taking the state exams (NCLEX) to become official Licensed Practical Nurses. Each student was assigned (by the state) a different date and time to take the official state exam.

Yesterday we heard that two more students passed their test. Tomorrow Raymond takes his exam at 8:30 a.m., and today one of the students who shares a desk with me in Pharmacology got the results of her test she took on Monday.

While each one deserves recognition and accolades, I was personally interested in Nicole's results today as she dashed to the library during breaks in class to see if her name was on the Internet list of having passed the nursing license test.

During A&P lab, I noticed a big smile and I asked, "Did you find out?" Her bigger smile confirmed the good news! I wanted to clap and shout to the whole room, "Nicole just found out she passed the NCLEX!"

Such a monumental accomplishment, and here Nicole was already back to memorizing bones of the body (and smiling!).

I figured that she was already working as a practical nurse, but no, she works at Bob Evans Restaurant! She says that now she will start job-hunting for work as a nurse!

"I'm almost more nervous about finding a nursing job than I was over passing the test," Nicole commented.

Best wishes for Nicole, and good luck to each practical nurse at Bohecker as you take those much anticipated 'boards' and start a new journey to fulfill your destiny as a NURSE!

Take Care on the Journey,



Katy said...

Congratulations to your fellow students. When do you take your Rn test? Are you already nervous?

What happened on Black Friday? I'm waiting with baited breath to hear!


Linda Meikle said...

Ahhh yes, the Black Friday story. I'll try to get that posted before the weekend. I think it will be worth the wait! Thanks for asking.

We take the RN test after we graduate from this program on December 20, 2009. It will be in the spring of 2010. Time will fly by1