January 16, 2009

New York Times Story of US Air Crash

Reuters photos: Gary Hershron (click for original photo)
This is a phenomenal, miraculous story that will go down in United States history as an one of the most incredible, magnificent events of our lifetime. It happened in the city of my birth, so I feel somewhat intimately connected. As a trained first responder, I can also identify with the rescuers. And, as a former newspaper correspondent, I feel the energy of the reports and photographers!
New York Times January 16, 2009

When we had our first family reunion on Staten Island, I was amazed and awe-struck with the Staten Island Ferry and rode it back and forth for hours. (In 1990, it cost 25- cents.) For those of you who get his by e-mail, I'm posting this page from the New York Times on my website to see if you can zoom in and read the story.
Take Care on the Journey,
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