January 23, 2009

Little Things With Big Meaning

  • The constant trickle of water in the toilet bowl - cost us $140 this month!
  • A flashing smile from the smallest daughter of the president - captured in a million photos
  • The ding-ding-ding of the change oil light that they didn't reset at the last oil change
  • Dozens of small doggie poops buried in the snow
  • Alarm clocks that beep five minutes before you wanted to wake up
  • That small food spot on the front of your blouse or tie that you didn't notice all day
  • The airline pilot who didn't call off sick a few days ago
  • The bumble of one word in the presidential oath - heard around the world
  • A patch of ice on the sidewalk you didn't see in time
  • The phone call you meant to make yesterday - is too late today.
  • A polite heartfelt "that's okay" when they forget to call your name
  • Paying a bill to the wrong address
  • One coupon and one 'on-sale' price make the product FREE
  • Remembering a birthday one day late!
  • Forgetting to put soap in the washing machine
  • A wave in the rear view mirror to the person who let you in
  • Sitting at the computer five minutes longer...

Well, you get the drift. Life is short and time is sweet.

Take Care on the Journey ... As you do one act of kindness every day

And remember the Little Things DO make a big difference.


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