February 5, 2009

Free Groceries Every Day or IOU $10

Would you like to save 50-90 percent on your grocery bill and have fun doing it?

A few weeks ago, told you how I was starting to use coupons to save money, and I'll bet most of you said to yourself, "Yea, but I don't buy those foods. It's not worth saving a dollar or two for all the trouble. Generic is cheaper."

Not so, my loyal readers. Just not so. Can I show you some secrets about using coupons (or not) and promise to save you at least $10 next time you go shopping? If you don't save at least $10 following my methods on your next grocery trip, write me and I'll GIVE you $10!

Right now I have to go put away 5 bags of groceries that I just got for less than $7. (Yes, that's seven dollars!) It includes 8 cans of peas, corn, and beans .
1/2 gallon of orange juice. 2 muffin mixes. 4 brownie mixes. (Some for John). Boxes of cereal. (Some for John). Bags of frozen veges. Loaf of bread. 3 cans of Pillsbury dinner rolls. Several cans of tomatoes. Two big jars of Prego speg. sauce. (Some for John). And a little stash of goodies I won't mention. I had to make TWO trips from the car with these groceries!

When I come back, I'll post some loosely guarded secrets and some excellent links to start you on the way to the grocery store singing all the way!

Do you want this or not? Take the $10 challenge.

Take Care on the Journey,
~ "Laughing Linda"

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