February 5, 2009

Save Money With Coupons or IOU $10 - Part 2

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In my previous post, (dated 2010 so it will stay at the top of the page), I challenged you to try my system and save $10 on your next grocery shopping trip or I'd give you $10 CASH.

I'll try to keep this simple because if you're serious about saving LOTS of money, there are great websites for couponing 101. The Icon at the top left of this site is one that I use often because other bloggers have found the best deals of the week at specific stores. I check to see how many coupons I have for the special, and off I go (singing all the way).

About coupons and why you save more than .40 cents...

There are two or three major 'booklets' of coupons that are inserted into the Sunday newspaper of your town - or retrieved from the paper recycle bins around town. Or, by asking friends or co-workers for theirs. (I check the mail box trash cans in the apartment complex where we live and/or grab several when the weekly grocery store circulars are posted near our mailboxes.) I've been known to go out and buy an extra Sunday newspaper at the drug store too. (In our town, the Drug Mart sells the Sunday paper or a dozen eggs for .99 on Sunday.)

The weekly coupon circulars (booklets) are called: Red Plum and SmartSource. Today I signed up to get Red Plum by mail (for free). Get info how to use these HERE. (I think there's a GM but I don't know what it is yet.) One other great way to get manufactures coupons is to print them from different sites that are easy to find on the Internet. Google your favorite brand or google simply 'coupons'. Caution; some stores won't accept the online coupons printed from your printer because people have made copies and used them wrongfully. Ask your store to be sure.

(Meijers said they are going to stop taking the home printed ones and WalMart says they don't, but that's okay.)

One last way to get the coveted coupons has been right under your nose every time you shop! They are called 'blinkies". Those little black boxes sticking out all along the isles in the store - sometimes blinking! They spit out coupons for cents off which is usually DOUBLED at the check-out counter. For greatest savings, save and use these coupons (take several) when the item is ON SALE someplace. It doesn't have to be used at that store.

The point is that you need as many coupons from the coupon circulars and blinkie boxes as you can get so that you will have MORE coupons for that great grocery deal. When peas go 'on sale', you want to buy 5 cans of peas for .20 each instead of just one. (IE 5 coupons).

Today I took a couple hours (it does take organization and time) to preview the weekly sales at Giant Eagle and Kroger for items that we use. You would be shocked at the difference in prices and specials between each store! At GE, I found the frozen veges on sale for 10/$10 or $1 each. Now for the good part...I had several (wish I had more) for .50 off of each box. At Giant Eagle and Kroger, they DOUBLE the coupons so I got $1 off of each box - or FREE. Plus I had a coupon for .65 off for three boxes. (I'm wondering if I needed to use the .65 coupon if I was already getting them for free, but I'm still learning.)

Also, the Betty Crocker brownie mix was on sale for $1.65 a box. (I use this to thank the maintenance staff for fixing our thermostat). I had coupons for .55 off which would be doubled even though the coupon says DO NOT DOUBLE. I figured .65 a package was a good deal, but when I got to the store, the brownie mix without walnuts was on sale for 10/$10. Guess what? Those ended up being FREE too with each coupon that I had.

At Kroger, they are promoting the '50% less salt' cans of veges. They had blinkies with .30 off coupons. (I also had several I printed out from online.) The cans were on sale for .80 cents each. Kroger doubled the .30 coupons AND accepted ANY of the veges (not just those with less salt), so I got each can for .20. I could have gotten a dozen cans (or more), but I'm too new at this to be that hoggish. I did stock up on corn, peas, and green beans at .20 a can!

Soup is a great coupon steal too. (Same story).

The other day, cheese was on sale for 1.49 at Kroger. They also had the blinkie boxes with coupons for .75 off DOUBLED which made the cheese was FREE. When the word got around town, those blinkie boxes emptied fast. I went to four different Krogers (we have 5 Krogers within 5 miles of our home) looking for some coupons and finally found one that still had a few coupons left. I have cheese in the freezer. Gave cheese to John, and still wondering what to do with all my blocks of cheese.

It doesn't have to be FREE to be a great deal if it's something you want. I found out about a new diet fruit juice when I got a $1 off coupon in the mail. Kroger had it on sale for 2.99 but since it was something I wanted to try, I was happy to use my $1 off coupon (they only double up to a dollar) and get it for $1.99.

By the way, I created an email just for signing up for 'stuff'. It's called junkforme@myself.com and another one workingmomlinda@yahoo.com . Every day I sign up for more coupons and manufactures FREE samples in the mail. (I don't mind that kind of junk mail!).

I think you get the point. Jim's waiting to get his supper so I must stop for now. Later I'll explain how you never need to pay again for toothpaste, toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, bath soap, shampoo, makeup, and MORE. Save coupons, watch sales and get these items for FREE for the rest of your life. Some people actually use 20+ coupons when these things are on sale at drug stores and have a year's supply on hand - or sell them at yard sales or eBay. (Hint. Leave some for the next person.)

Let me know if you have any questions and please let me know about the exceptional deals that you find in your neck of the woods.

I'm - Singing in the snow because I'm in the know!

Take Care on the Journey,

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