February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Philip Cash

Happy Birthday to my youngest son, Philip. Wish I could be there to throw you an ice-cream cake party on February 19 (even though that was a teen thing)! You are soooo special, and I'm very, very proud of you. A loving son, wonderful husband and excellent teacher!!!!!
(Pictured as Teacher-of-the-Year 2008 holding the tiger.)
Also, Happy Birthday to my long-time friend friend, Tania (who probably won't see this as I don't think she does computers very much.) We've known Floyd and Tania over 25 years!
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(Looks like I have to fix that link on this blog.)
Take Care on the Journey,

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Clay Feet said...

Surprise - Tania receives your birthday greeting. And give our regards to Philip. We are proud of him too. (I did help raise him, you know)

Linda Meikle said...

Yes you did help raise Philip and Billy! And a great job you did too! Just wasn't sure if I should tell OUR age in my posting.

Hope you and Tania have a sweet birthday time.

Thanks for your comment. Comments on my blog are few and far between these days. Partly because several of my favorite people get my postings by email and respond that way.