February 3, 2009

My Grades First Quarter at Bohecker

January 2009

The grades are in the mail, but by checking bulletin boards, emails and talking to a professor or two, I have put together the final grades for my first term (of four) in the RN program here at Bohecker College.

Although several of you have given me solid confidence and support, I know that no one is as relieved and more happy than I am for making it through a successful quarter. I've missed a couple important birthdays and didn't post as often as I would have liked in order to study full throttle ahead!

Here are the final results...

Psychology 95%.
Pharmacology 100%
English 99%.
A&P (The dreaded subject) I made a 90% for my final grade!
(I made 88% on the final test!)

Yep, I have never been the smartest when it comes to bookwork. I've even failed a college class or two as I attempted to take the RN program in past years. So, this news is more significant for me than you can imagine!

Thanks for all your support and faith in me!

Now I'm going to sleep for a week.

Take Care on the Journey,

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Linda Meikle said...

I posted comments sent to my email from my son.

Katy said...

Congratulations, Mama Linda! Your determination, sharp mind, and commitment are taking you through yet another accomplishment that you can be proud of.