January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Buffy Storm

I've been very good and haven't taken time to post in the last few days. It's not easy to keep quiet here on my blog, but I'm committed to getting good grades and giving my education top priority - something that's hard for me to do because I'm more happy doing for others. And, this was finals week at Bohecker until we had a snow day and threw everything off schedule.

ON Tuesday I made 100% on the Pharmacology final! As someone said, "That's a lot of medicines to know." I also took the dreaded A&P but that isn't graded yet. I think I held my own and for that, I'm happy.

Tomorrow (Friday, January 30, 2008) are my last two finals before a week off!

During that week, by the way, my friend Buffy will celebrate a birthday!!!! (February 1) so make her day and post a Happy Birthday Buffy even if you don't know her. Just know that she's one of the BEST as a friend, wife, mother, daughter and now Surrogate Mother. Baby Ava Margaret (named after Buffy as Margaret) is due March 9. Buffy is a true and loyal friend with a great big heart and more courage than anyone I know!

You can send her a birthday message at my email bestnurse@usa.com (From your email to make sure I get it.) I'll forward it on to her. Or, for those of you who use MySpace, she is a friend on my MySpace. Leave her a pretty glitter graphic and message on MY site at MySpace, and she will see it there. The link to my MySpace is on the left of my blog page. (For those of you who get this by email it's http://dustyangels.blogspot.com .)

To make it even better, suggest you forward this message to your friends (address book) and ask them to wish Buffy a great day. She deserves it . Trust me.

MySpace address is http://www.myspace.com/linda5555

Guess that's enough to confuse even the best cyber surfers with all the choices.

I forgot the KISS (keep it simple simple). More later.

Take Care on the Journey,

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E-Mail: bestnurse@usa.com


Katy said...

Happy belated birthday, Buffy! I hope you had a fun day. :)


Linda Meikle said...

Thanks Katy, I'll make sure Buffy gets the message.

~Mama Linda