March 4, 2009

Mr. President. I Have Your Name and Number

Bohecker College - Columbus has a new president as of last Monday. (Yep. I was tempted to hold out on the suspense...) Dr. "R" as I will call him, is considered a "troubleshooter' (that should tell you something) and is an interim president until things are on a more even keel. Yes, our Bohecker-Columbus education experience has been a little rocky, so someone to lead at the helm is more than welcome!

Dr. R brought his nine-member team of staff members with him to the classroom today and introduced each one promising that the administrative employees of our college will "keep their office doors open" for us - something not seen much in the past. He has already (in three days) addressed some issues such as getting a student council started and creating an open network for good communication.

"I'm black and white," he said. "Everything from here on out will be transparent," he promised. (Where have we heard that before?) I was impressed by his good-natured but serious manner, and I believe he will make a difference.

Dr. R and his staff listened and responded to a long list of concerns and complaints from our class today. (We are one of about 15 ((I think)) classes the team has visited). Not once did Dr. R or his staff get defensive but took responsibility and responded with good solid answers.

One of our big concerns is the situation where we are "working' (to the bone!) in a nursing home instead of "learning" in a skilled facility as we should be. He said situations like that "will not continue". He is bringing in a "very experienced person" to work on our clinical situation . He promised that she will not only find more appropriate clinical sites for the school, but will include OUR CLASS in the upgrade.

There's been curriculum problems, book problems, scheduling problems, and even uniform problems. But, I don't need to go there in detail.

Dr . R posted his phone number and email on the board and urged us to keep in touch with him on any concern we have, and he vowed to us that 'things will get better'.

You don't know what a relief it is just to know someone who has the authority to make a difference is in charge, and he respects the challenges we have to deal with. Some students aren't so sure that anything will change and have a "wait and see" attitude. I believe he is seriously here to stay until he and 'his boss' are satisfied that Bohecker is top notch. The college got swamped with extremely fast growth (45 students to over 600 in two years), and I think things get out control and disorganized.

Yes, Mr. President. I have your name and number and will be the first to knock on your door and ring your phone as I expect the change you promise and believe it will happen during my time at Bohecker College.

It might even mean a change in schools for some of us to attend another RETS program near Columbus (Circleville) because it (the school at Circleville) is a nationally accredited school. Especially those who plan to further their education after getting their RN. I don't think I want to travel that far every day (even if the school provides transportation), but I'll keep you posted.

Bohecker College - Columbus is approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing, and that's what's important to me. I didn't expect other accreditations from such a young school.

Take Care on the Journey,
(No matter how rocky!)


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Anonymous said...

Well I hope your new Dr.R will REALLY make a differance. You are way better nurse then to be slave labor for a nursing home & school where you are paying LOTS of $$$$$
Dr.R you better take BETTER care of my sister!!!!