March 2, 2009

This and Thats

Greetings from Columbus, Ohio, where the wind chill is below zero and the sunshine is stuck behind tons of gray clouds! Brrrrr

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The semester is going well although everybody is tired of WINTER! Every class let out early today, and my photo appointments cancelled this weekend. I suspect it's somewhat related to the extended winter and cold, cold, weather!

We need warm sunshine on our faces, yellow daffodils in the yard and windows open at night.

Here's a shoutout for my niece, Fee, who successfully and without too much difficulty, had a beautiful baby girl in Tampa, Florida.

The best of luck and birthing blessings to my friend, Buffy, who will deliver baby Ava to her very thankful and excited parents within the week. (Buffy is a surrogate mother.)

Wishing good health to sweet little Tony and angel prayers that he will feel better very soon.

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Take Care on the Journey,


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