May 18, 2009

The 11th Commandment

I always say to tell the truth because, believe it or not, that is one of the surest ways for people to instantly lose respect for you – forever – if your ‘truth’ gets discovered.

It’s also an attribute associated with two-year-olds!

Do I sound a bit angry? You bet I am! But I’m respectful enough to allow the person who lied to me remain anonymous here on this blog.

Yes, it’s a school (college) related incident that one of my professors pulled on me.

We were told to write a paper and given explicit directions and due dates.

And, we were allowed to write the paper early so it could be reviewed by the teacher and redone before the end of the quarter. “You will be guaranteed an A if you do that,” we were assured. The date to turn the paper in was April 27 – three weeks before the final deadline.

So I did write the paper early and handed it to the teacher as directed.

But, on the day the teacher was expected to return my paper, I asked for it and was told that I could have it by the end of the class.

At end of class, I asked for it again and was told it would be returned to me by end of day. The teacher asked about my schedule and said he/she would bring it to my last class of the day by 4 p.m.

When I hadn’t seen this teacher or my paper at 4 p.m., I walked to every office and around the entire building asking if any one had seen this teacher. No one acknowledged seeing this teacher that afternoon.

The next week, (next class) I asked again. (The entire class heard my request.) I was told the paper was ‘graded’ but it was in the car.

"I’ll bring it in after lunch”, the teacher promised.

I asked if I had gotten a good grade and was assured it was ‘a good grade” and that I had “nothing to worry about”.

You’re following me here. After lunch the teacher said he/she “forgot to get it from the car”. Again another week and no paper to review or rewrite.

Today was our final test. (For those who know what test we had today – sorry.) During the test this ‘teacher’ wrote on the board. “The following people need to see (me)." The list of three names included my name…. Needless to say, I was a little distracted while trying to complete my final 100-question test.

When I finished my test, and while others were still taking their test, he/she had me sit in a chair at the front of the room and he/she quietly whispered that he/she ‘made a mistake’ and hadn’t graded my paper as he/she had told me.

Then he/she said that because I “only made a B”, he/she would give me a chance to rewrite the paper and turn it in ‘late’.

I only wish this had happened to my little sister because my teacher and the entire class of test-taking students would have gotten an earful of pure profanity, blasphemy, cuss words, and a dressing down that would have embarrassed a dog.

Instead, I have the ulcer and a paper to rewrite.

It may be because this is the end of the most taxing three-months of my life. It may be because I'm still feeling the results of my bad fall. It may be that I think any lie is the most low down thing a human being can do. It may be that I'm over-reacting. But, I sure wish my little sister could have been given a shot at this one.

Teachers - Especially teachers - Should not lie!

Take Care on the Journey,



Linda Meikle said...

Forward...From my son

I don't get it. How could he/she give you a B when they didn't read it. I would be mad also, but the thing to do is to write an email or call personally this instructor's boss- the chair of the department, or even the dean. I would say that this is ridiculous, if he didn't read the paper, then he should give you an A. I wouldn't rewrite anything, accept the B and write the Chair/Dean instead.

Your very loving and pissed off, Spanish instructor/professor son,

Linda Meikle said...

Mama Linda is going to take professor son's advice!

The Cat's Meow said...

Yep, I'd of made an F---'in sailor(I mean lying Professor) blush. Plus the hole classroom!!
Your a great writer, so write his/her boss and DEMAND an "A".
Love to the best RN to be