May 18, 2009

Welcome Colleen

A special welcome to a special gal - my son's girlfriend - Colleen!

She has been added to my blogs, "Linda's Notebook", "Golden Coupons", and My Poetry Blog For Pets We Loved and Love! (She will get my postings in an e-mail as many of you do.)

Colleen also loves to write and has a link on my website. It's on the left side of Linda's Notebook under Friends and Family. It's listed as Billy & Colleen. (Maybe we can get more updates on life around the big city of Portland now?) She has other websites that she might share with us also.

Welcome Colleen - to this website and to the family.

PS - Billy and Sandy have left some interesting comments on Linda's Notebook under the posting, The 11th Commandment.

Take Care on the Journey,
~Linda/Mama Linda

Please note, if you get this by e-mail remember to check the blog home page for added comments.

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