June 11, 2009

Maternity Leave

Gottcha! Didn't I?

Before I get into the maternity entry, I'd like to let my gentle readers know about some e-mail comments I received after my last posting, Biblically, Politically, Correct.

I especially enjoyed the comment that my story was 'nicely written and entertaining". That is exactly how I wanted it to come across.

On the other hand, a family member (not hubby) thought I sounded upset. They proposed to me that, 'college isn't suppose to be easy." They also added that as an older student, I might not feel the need to go through all the steps of being a college student. Considering that I wanted my article to be nicely written and entertaining, I won't take that observation too seriously, but I'll keep it in mind when days are tough. (Smile)

Another long-time friend (who also memorized many Bible verses when younger), commented that perhaps the activity of all that memorizing will "stave off early Alzheimer's". I like that one too.

Okay. Tomorrow is the second day of taking the bus to Portsmouth (pronounced Portsmith) for a day of student nursing on the maternity ward. I didn't write about my first day, but it was a very interesting day (although very tiring). On the first day there, we had three babies deliver and one c-section. I didn't get to actually observe these, but enjoyed being a member of the team! I did get to be in the nursery and watch the first bath! The staff there are extremely friendly, helpful and welcoming.

Today was a day "off". (Too funny!). I got more done than in a month of Sundays! All the laundry, washed, dried and folded. Kitchen clean and even mopped! Coupons cut out and organized for a trip to the store(s) tonight for the almost free deals. (Butter, pudding, and tomato pasta I can't think of the name right now.) A nice supper prepared for hubby. (Garlic speg with mushroom and asparagus). The floors vacuumed. Bills paid (and questioned). Meds set up for two weeks. Trash all collected and taken out. Uniform ready for in the morning. Lunch packed for the bus trip tomorrow. (We leave at 5:30 a.m.)

Unfortunately, I didn't study today! Guess I should forgo the grocery shopping and get some important reading done. My plan is to study on the bus tomorrow. It's 2 hours there and back. So maybe I can accomplish both.

Thanks for all your comments and for taking time to read what I write. It does mean a lot to me.

Take Care on the Journey,

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