June 3, 2009

My NEW Bohecker Blog

It's not enough that I'm hosting 13 blogs, (yeah, I was surprised when I counted them), but I've added another one that will be dedicated solely to my Bohecker stories as I complete the LPN to RN bridge program. I've set it up and started adding the stories I've already written, but I see this will be quite a time-consuming project.

The address is http://rnstudentatboheckercollege.blogspot.com or HERE

Someone told me that Bohecker might want to spotlight my blog on the school, so this will make it more simple if they want to follow my postings about being a student RN at Bohecker College - Columbus because on this site (Linda's Notebook), I also post about other things happening in my life.

Just give me a little time to copy all the previous postings over there.

Take Care on the Journey,

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