November 3, 2009

Linda Says Thank-you

For those who didn't see my note on Facebook, I wanted to let you know that I'm overwhelmed by the response from family and friends after the death of our Sheba.

My e-mail ( had 42 messages when I got home today. Facebook is full of thoughtful messages from those who've been there too. My children called (several times). My sister, Sandy, keeps in constant touch. Thanks, Billy, Philip, Colleen, Buffy, Marian, Katy, Juanita, and a host of others who took time in all the techno places to share the grief and offer comfort.

We are doing better although, as you know, there are a thousand little 'reminders' all the time. This morning I almost turned to say, "Mommy go to work" as I left for clinicals. On the way home from clinicals, I almost didn't stop for gas thinking I should get home and check on Sheba first. When I entered the living room, tears ran down my cheeks as I looked around, and she was not there. Taking a warm bath, I missed the little paws and black nose peeking under the door. There was no "me too" sounds as we ate supper in silence tonight.

For the first time in our marriage, we didn't go vote today. I think hubby and I just didn't have the energy to leave home and come back through that door where Sheba always waited.

We did turn up the thermostat (several times!), and we are starting to discuss holiday travel plans by plane! Something we haven't been able to do in years together, because someone always had to stay home with the dogs - or take them with us.

Oldest son commented that now we could think about coming to Portland to visit. Youngest son said, "Now you can get some good sleep, mom".

Thanks again to all for offering to help in any way you can. You know grief is something everyone has to take their own steps - but knowing that you care and are there - makes all the difference in the world.

Take Care on the Journey,



The Cat's Meow said...

As Phillip says,
"Now you can get some good sleep, mom".
Also follow the Rollin Stones song an "pop little pill"
love ya

Katy said...

I always tear up when I read about friends' pets dying, and today is no exception. I'm so sorry for your pain and heartbreak, Mama Linda. It gets better even though pets do take part of our hearts.

thinking of you,