November 7, 2009

Harding Hospital, Worthington, Ohio

Okay, the secret is out. I went back. Not knowing if I would see anybody I knew. Promising myself I would not sign the guest book. Feeling weird walking in alone. I met my friend in the lobby of the Worthington SDA Church today.

I looked around for Bonnie. I was going to introduce my friend (who is NOT a member of the SDA church) to her, but perhaps she went to first service or was not there today. Anyway, 'Hi Bonnie".
The church was having a guest musician from Cuba who plays the violin. The 45-minute program seemed like 5 seconds to me! My grandpa Mascunana played the violin, and he was from Cuba, so this added to the serendipity of the program.
Then my friend and I were invited to lunch. I spent the afternoon sitting at the kitchen table listening to two nurses tell the best nursing stories of their lifetime. We had an unusual but wonderful time together. Thank-you for the sparkling camaraderie and joyous afternoon.

I also learned more about many members of the Worthington SDA Church and it's rich history with Harding Hospital. (Harding Hospital was not SDA, but many of its great leaders were.) When I mentioned it, my husband remembers the hospital buildings as being there when he was a boy.

So much interesting information I never knew existed. Later, my friend drove me around to see the old Harding Hospital grounds. All currently owned my Ohio State University now. It's still a little old kingdom set deep in the forest in the middle of the city! What a magical place and interesting story!

That's the way it is with the universe!

Take Care on the Journey,



The Cat's Meow said...

I hope you went to SDA church to hear the musician play the violin.

Linda Meikle said...
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Linda Meikle said...

You know I did... I didn't get a greeting from one other church memeber except those I was introducted to by my friend.